Literacy Key Skills Work – Green Lake in Austria


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This is the Green Lake in Austria, which sits at the foot of snow-capped Hochschwab mountains. Throughout the frozen winter months the area is almost completely dry and is used as a county park. But as soon as the temperatures begin to rise in spring, the ice and snow on the mountaintops begins to melt and runs down into the basin of land below.  The park fills up with ice-cold crystal clear water, which gets its distinctive green colouring from the grass and foliage beneath. The water levels rise from about one or two metres deep in the winter to as much as 10 metres in the late spring and early summer. This means that park benches, whole tree, pathways, steps and bridges are submerged in a strange underwater world.

Your task is to produce a descriptive piece of writing about the park. You might want to descrive what you see; perhaps you are a scuba diver exploring the landscape. Or you could choose to write a story or a recount about the park being flooded – the choice is yours!

Miss Coade

Due date: Wednesday 2nd October 2013


Watch the link below for inspiration



Written Calculation Methods

Today in Numeracy we looked at the different strategies we could use for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We then got into groups and made posters to put on display in our classroom and help explain to other children using examples that we created ourselves.

6CC Numeracy Group

Adelaide, Kyle, Teri, Rosie, Shanice, Klaudia, Ramneek, Elena, Alfie, Annabelle, Harry


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