Creative Curriculum Ideation – Senlis

Today we started our Creative Curriculum unit, looking at the history and geographical location of Senlis in preparation for our trip next week. Before the lesson tomorrow, think of some questions based on information you would like to find out and post them as comments below.

Miss Coade

5 thoughts on “Creative Curriculum Ideation – Senlis

  1. Here are some interesting infomation about Senlis :
    Thomas Couture not only handsome and dashing but also a brilliant and techniqued painter is senlis’s famous painter. He started painting when he was quite a young age and he devoted his life to teaching art and creating master pieces. He was born at Senlis France. At age 11, Thomas Couture’s family moved to Paris where he would study at the industrial arts school.Thomas’s innovative technique gained much attention, and he received Government and Church commissions for murals during the late 1840s through to the 1850s.
    by zoe

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