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This is the Green Lake in Austria, which sits at the foot of snow-capped Hochschwab mountains. Throughout the frozen winter months the area is almost completely dry and is used as a county park. But as soon as the temperatures begin to rise in spring, the ice and snow on the mountaintops begins to melt and runs down into the basin of land below.  The park fills up with ice-cold crystal clear water, which gets its distinctive green colouring from the grass and foliage beneath. The water levels rise from about one or two metres deep in the winter to as much as 10 metres in the late spring and early summer. This means that park benches, whole tree, pathways, steps and bridges are submerged in a strange underwater world.

Your task is to produce a descriptive piece of writing about the park. You might want to descrive what you see; perhaps you are a scuba diver exploring the landscape. Or you could choose to write a story or a recount about the park being flooded – the choice is yours!

Miss Coade

Due date: Wednesday 2nd October 2013


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25 thoughts on “Literacy Key Skills Work – Green Lake in Austria

  1. Hello Miss Coade

    As we are going to the France trip on Sunday i thought i would do my homework on Saturday

    Cautiously breathing, i found my self in the middle of a dark colorful lake.I couldn’t see what was inside the deep sapphire blue water , so i thought to my self, that i will go inside for a closer look.(It looked very beautiful.) I carefully put my suit on.As i went inside the sapphire blue water, it was as cold as melting ice.I jumped inside of the blue deep water and i found a bench at the bottom. Suddenly, i saw some golden shiny fishes , swimming around me (i think they like me.)

  2. The luscious green grass is in the mysterious dangered island. The leaves float slowly to the top of the sapphire blue sea. The crooked bridge as broken as anything could be. the rocks are as jagged as a coal rock. the diver is calm, relaxed and delighted to see such. The bench is as rotten as moldy fish. The view is as beautiful as a peacock.

  3. slowly looking around I saw the bright blue water comeing towards me it filled up a big county park . it happens every year but you can see the grass it looks like an under water world.It is very deap it is higer than trees,thair is a bench to.

  4. The plant and trees are sufering to breath because it is like it has been swoled up by the sea. The beaterful plants are so colouful that it is like you are in a dream. Swaying hoplesly, the trees are like fish tails. The benches and briges are as moldy as dead fish. The walter is as sparkly as a polished dimond.

  5. As I walked across the solid stone ground I started to lose air, then I realized I was under water! I was lost for words, trees and plants entirely buried under water I saw a bench broken and battered. It was like a under water world. The grass was still green somehow how did it survive the underwater kingdom without dying? It was a mystery.

  6. Diving down crystal blue water is an under water world.The grass is as green as seaweed and as fresh as a breeze blowing in your face.The bridge was cracked and a dark brown color.Also there are rocks as jagged as montains higher then the eiffel tower.The water is so high that some of the trees are all the way under neath the safia blue water.

  7. The Green Lake
    I am swimming in the lake under water. I see an old bridge and plants under water.There are no bugs or animals. I follow the stony path. I am amazed at all the hills and rocks.
    By Lewis Brogan.

  8. As I dived into the park under the sea (the under water world)I was amazed of the phenomenal sights, it was beautiful.The water was so high it was taller than some trees I saw the fish from the lake all around me.It only happens once a year I wish it was always like this.
    By Ryan G

  9. I dived into to the bright blue sapphire sea and swam to the bottom it was a beautiful park unfortunately flooded by the mountains. I saw a broken bridge and swam across it and there was a rotten old bench as if a someone emptied a dustbin onto it.I swam above the lush wet green grass I was surprised that the leaves and grass and flowers could live under the water it was then I saw a crowd of fish surrounded me, I was surprised they made it here as there’s only one lake in the hole park. I swam across the stony jagged path the felt dizzy and then realised that my fuel tank was running out so I swam back up to safety.
    by zoe

  10. Diving down underneath the sapphire blue lake. As I got further down under the water I spotted trees, paths and grass also many other things that you would find above the mystical lake. I wonder how it all stayed down underneath the water? I sat down on the old, battered and mouldy bench that stood beside a bridge. I was speechless! I never would of thought this was here.

  11. I jumped in the deep blue sea.Calmly swimming, the magical, luscious green grass glowed elegantly and the fresh golden trees swayed majestically side to side. The old crooked bench clear it’s dust in the crystal clear water. I imagined a mermaid with gold lock it was like I was in a dream…

  12. this is my key skils

    as i took my dive down under the crystal blue water i spotted whole trees under
    water i was amazed then we moved on we where upset to see our favorite
    most popular park underwater it was wrecked at this moment all we saw was pitch night sky black we had swam under the great bridge….

  13. As I swam around the mysterious under water place I felt nervous…I was amazed that all the luscious green grass was still alive, it was miracle! As well as that there was a carnage bridge and some hazelnut trees. I looked up although I couldn’t see anything through the sapphire blue water; (it sparkled like diamonds!) Theres a serene calmness about it, however theres a couple of fish elegantly gliding through the lake. I thought to myself how did all this water get here in the first place? it was a breath taking sight…The glistening plants swayed majestically swayed amongst each other…

  14. The trees suffocating under water . The rickety old bridge trapped under the crystal clear water sits there like its all normal . Sparkling ,majestical fish swim around me and the fellow divers nudging us as if to say get out . We look over our shoulders to see an old bench probably as old as the bridge, still sitting there the same as the bridge ,still lifeless , still motionless . It seems as if it does not matter if you are under water or not the nature is still as beautiful under water or not . It’s still as stunning.

  15. As I swim thought the blue shinning waters I can see all what is left of the park like a reflection of a mirror it’s amazing how the grass still seems green and the trees have leaves as I walk across the bridge I have a feeling of the fish tickling my toes.

  16. my description:

    The lucious green grass somehow survives the flood. How is it possible? The flood is as high as the trees leaving nothing standing higher than the lake.Fish swimming in and out of the beautiful yellow flowers. I was speachless. i’d have never known something like this could happen it’s a mystery how the plants survived…

  17. As I carefully dived down in to the crystal blue sea I saw a crooked bench,
    However this wasn’t just any normal crooked bench it was falling apart,
    And I honestly don’ t know how it surves,
    There was also lushious green grass growing beautifully in the saphire blue water every thing was lovely

  18. The green lake by Joseph pepper
    I am a jellyfish living in the lake I float around all day and I go to sleep all night plus I sting people I see a bridge,beach and a log,a green grass i see divers swimming when I grow up I would like to be a jellyfish diver
    By jellyfish Joseph pepper.

  19. As I hit the cold transparent water one world disappeared and another started. How could two places be so different but linked so closely. As I dived deeper into this mysterious underwater world my senses didnt know what to make of it. I expected to see people walking around or sitting on the benches but all I could see was the underwater wildlife. The colours were magnified by the waters reflection.

  20. It was amazing.The luscious green grass was still alive but being drowned.So was the trees. what is this mysterious world? There was benches,bridges and stone paths. I then realised this was a sunken park.

    By Jamie 🙂

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