October Half Term

Hello Year 6 🙂

This half term I went to visit my brother in Holland. Do you know where this country is? Can you tell me one fact about it? What language do they speak? We decided to take a bike ride to see the local sites and found a windmill! Do you know why these were so common in Holland? What are they used for?


What have you been up to over the holidays? I would love to hear all of the exciting things you have been doing so post a comment below. If you have any photos that you would like to share please email them to Mandela.Class@simondesenlis.org and I will put them on the blog.

See you Monday!

Miss Coade

Watercolouring in Year 6

In Year 6 we have been learning how to use watercolours. A teacher called Mrs Watson came into help us; she was really good. She taught us how to set up our equipment and how to winkle (we had never even heard of winkling before!). This is when you move your paintbrush very lightly around in a circle to collect as much paint from the palette as possible. She told us that our water had to be clear enough to drink!

In creative curriculum this term we are looking at WW1. To give more context to this period of time, we looked at inventions from over the last 100 years. It is hard to imagine that they didn’t even have television during the war in 1914 so they had to think of different ways to communicate! Once we had researched our given topic, we used our water colouring skills to create the presentation sheets. Look how neat our handwriting is!

Something to think about…

  • When do you think these things were invented and first used?
  • How have they changed throughout the last 100 years?
  • Could you imagine life without these things? How would it change?
  • What impact do you think these things would have had on WW1 if they had been fully developed at the time e.g. the television?

Diski Dance

Miss Coades year six class “Mandela” walked over to Abbeyfield School to attend a dance class in their wonderful dance room, complete with mirrored wall and shiny wooden floor.

Mrs Thomas was our teacher, she taught us a Diski Motif which started off in South Africa, it is a dance that uses football techniques, but without the ball!

We all did a warm-up dance to some very loud music then started to learn the Diski moves.

We left after an hour feeling good  and looking forward to our next lesson. I will try to remember my PE kit for next time.

Mrs Price

Women Win Wars

This term we are studying WW1- learning about the causes of the First World War, the counties involved and life in the trenches.
After half term our topic will focus on women and how they were involved in the war efforts. Before next week we want you to think of some questions based on information you would like to find out about. Either write them in your key skills book or on the blog. We want to find out what YOU want to learn so get your thinking caps on 🙂

Miss Coade


Going for Goals PSHE Lesson – 15th October

Today we watched the following video in our PSHE session. Press play and learn all about Eric Liddel http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00w44lr

  • What did you learn about him?
  • What did he achieve? Why was this so extraordinary?
  • What qualities do you think he possessed in order for him to win the 400m race at the Olympics?
  • How could we use these same qualities to help achieve our own goals in and out of school?

Miss Coade

Key Skills Literacy work – 11th October 2013

Look back at the picture from last week. Once you have fully analysed the image, please write a descriptive paragraph based on your interpretation of the image. Make sure that you include lots of adjectives, adverbs as well as a description of the different senses and feelings to help set the scene for the reader. Remember your VCOP and writing targets for this term. You may complete this either on the blog or in your key skills book.

Due date: 16th October 2013

Miss Coade

Number properties

picture001 picture002 picture004 picture006

This week we have been looking at properties of number including factors, multiples, prime and square numbers. Today we played ‘Connect 4’ – it was really fun! We had to think about what we had been taught in lessons and work out the best place to go to beat the other team! Adelaide won her game every time

6CC maths group


Year 6 PSHE Going for Goals – Making a positive dent in the universe




Today in year assembly we started our new PSHE unit, ‘Going for Goals’ where we discussed our school’s view on learning:

At Simon de Senlis, we are passionate about learning. Through our distinct approach to learning, fuelled by inspiration, high expectations and innovation, we are building a community of curious, industrious and agile learners who make a positive ‘dent in the universe’.   –     Simon de Senlis Reimagined – Summer 2013

We then took the opportunity to discuss what our own goals were and how we want to go on and make a dent in the universe. One word that stood out to us was ‘industrious’ and it was clear that hard work is important in order for us to succeed.

  • ‘A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.’ – Colin Powell – General
  • ‘People think I must have been so talented at an early age, but I don’t know – was it talent or hard work? Who knows?’  – Monica Seles – Tennis Player

Year six would be interested to hear what your own goals are and how you would like to make a dent in the universe. Do you want to be a teacher, run the country, create the latest epic invention or be the next person to travel into space? Whatever it is we want to know!