Literacy Key Skills – 4th October 2013




In guided reading, we have been using our inference and deduction skills to work out what is going on in the text.  We would like you to practice these skills further, using a picture.

Look at the picture-Annotate a copy of the image or write notes in your key skills book, telling us what you think is happening.  When annotating, think about:

 What do you definitely know & how can this tell you more about the image?

 Who? What? Where? When? Why?

 What is being hinted at?

This work needs to be handed in on Wednesday 9th October and will be useful preparation for next week’s key skills work.

17 thoughts on “Literacy Key Skills – 4th October 2013

  1. hi mrs coade here is my key skills

    i looked around all i saw was this dark gloomy site i saw a cople of dirty
    men that looked like they had been hear for weeks on end i triped over a cople of sharp roocks as i fell i notested that the sky was like a black hole all was dull.
    Me and my freind walked around the habor we saw the osean but it wasent like our sphya blue harbor it was rather qwite dirty and muddy we culd tell that there had been sevrel hartbreacking stoms and wreacks as we carred on we spotted a triger of rain we wanderd what was happning….

  2. I looked around me the sky was to dark to see but I saw a red boat coming towards me…..
    The sky went foggy,what is happening…… The rocks are jagged coming out the sea a ship has calapsed on a rock here. but I woke and it was a dream.

  3. people we’re standing on the jagged rocks looking suspicios looking at the waves clashing together.I lifted my head up looking at the sky but it wasnt really a sky it was just dull.Looking down to the floor i saw two men and they looked liked they needed a good shower because they looked like they have been there for a couple of weeks.Also it was very windy and it also looked like there has been a couple of really bad thunder storms.Why did it look like this?What would the people think of this?

  4. As I looked around I saw the angry waves crashing in to the jagged brown rocks.
    The family of six were gazing at the sea sadly like they had lost someone precious weeks ago in the vicious blue sea.As the fishermen were tidying up the family were gazing at the sea in despair

  5. As I gazed around I saw the ferocious waves crashing against the shore, as a family of what looked like fishermen were staring at the sea with despair. It looked like there was someone out there standing on the rocks waving to get our attention but I was the only one that saw them. Who were they? I wondered.

  6. Whilst I was slowly walking around the harbor I saw the sea crashing against the jagged rocks. The waves were as tall as a brown oak tree. I saw boats resting against the shore line. I thought to myself. Who would travel at night in the pacific oscine when deadly sharks are out looking for there prey? Also I saw a family looking towards the transparent sea. Why? Then I knew why. Down the gigantic rock I saw something. What could it be I thought to myself is it a human or is it a alien? I wondered……

  7. As I gazed at the ferocious waves in the sapphire blue sea crash into shore; my tired dad prepared a boat…I knew I didn’t want to go into the bone crushing storms but I had to face my fear! finally the hazel nut battered boat was ready. Dragging my motionless legs to our dusty boat I passed I refused to go any further…

  8. I gazed out at the raging ocean and saw a man at the edge of the rock. What was he doing there? It was midnight and moon was glowing bright on top of him. Everybody was helping bring the boats in. I just stared in confusion. I asked my parents why is he there. I looked back. He was gone….

  9. From the picture I can definitely tell they’re by the sea and the weather isn’t good – you can tell this because of the way the sea looks, rough and stormy.There’s people looking out to a child on the rocks. I can tell they’re worried by the way they are standing, one of the men has his arm round a girl as if he’s trying to reassure her about something. I think one of the child’s friends has fell in and he’s looking for them but you can’t say for sure. The dirty men in ragged clothes look like they’re going to sail out to sea – you can tell this by the way they’re holding the ropes on the boats. Maybe they are going to try and save the child’s friend. Everyone is looking out to find out whats going to happen…

  10. Hello Miss Coade,

    Cautiously gazing, i looked around the sapphire blue sea, hoping someone will find amongst the gloomy sky. As i look around i saw a crocked,ancient boat heading towards me.When i looked around the second time, i saw about seven people trying to get towards me in the crushing blue storm, but i knew they would get here as fast as possible trying to save me from the wild island! Will i survive…….

    By Ramnik♥♪♥♪♥

  11. I think in the picture, the ship is haunted and if you look very closely, there’s a man in front of the other men and women on the rocks. Here’s my key skills:

    On a gloomy night, i saw the return of the witchy white ghost… He was thin and his ink black eye’s pupils we’re small and had sharp edges! His sly smile sent a shiver down your spine… As petrifying as a Dracula, his smile as sly as a fox, his eye’s like the misty, dark moon… And the rest of his manners, you don’t want 2 now. For he want all the attention he’s busy looking at the sea and scaring your souls….! By Anosha!

  12. There are 9 people gazing out to the ruff dark blue sea almost like a black tint to it.
    I think That they are people that are trying to save the person that is stranded on the rock.The two people in the bottom right corner are trying to save the man on the rock.I think that it’s seat on the cost because there is the sea in the back round.i think it’s seat in the past(1700).

  13. I gazed around at the gloomy sight I could see lots of people gathering for something, I didn’t know we’re I was so I decided to go and ask the unusual looking people.As I tried to walk to them I tripped on some old sharp stones and decided to sit down as it really hurt my foot .I looked around again and saw some scruffy looking men shuffling about in the boats they looked like they had been here for days and weeks.I stared at the gathered people again to try and work why they were all huddled together it was then I realised that they were all pointing and staring at a figure it the distance. What could it be?I thought to myself…
    By zoe

  14. As I climbed up the steep jagged rocks people were waiting for me. I raised my hands thinking they had guns. They were all dressed in black staring at me. I cautiously walked forward prepared for any sudden moments. I was unsure what was going to happen next but my guess was I wasn’t going to like it.I swiftly ran forward to try and escape and
    then ……

  15. People were looking at my I was relevid. Suddenly I saw them wave to me as if I was a family. Finnly looking at the sea I remmberd were I was lost at sea,then they told me to put my hands in the air and they pulled out a gun ……..

  16. We cautiously strolled towards the figure .up the jagged steps on to the cold wet stone. Every step taking us closer to the figure . Who was this figure ?nobody new even the sailors took a break to and my mother were right at the front gazing out at this stunning figure .however who ever the figure was must of been fighting against the horrendous weather trying not to be whisked of the rocks and throne into the sea which would smash a grown man to pieces. Who ever and what ever that person was doing they shaw had the lime light. Everyone was sitting on the edge of their seats not knowing what that person was going to do next………….

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