Year 6 PSHE Going for Goals – Making a positive dent in the universe




Today in year assembly we started our new PSHE unit, ‘Going for Goals’ where we discussed our school’s view on learning:

At Simon de Senlis, we are passionate about learning. Through our distinct approach to learning, fuelled by inspiration, high expectations and innovation, we are building a community of curious, industrious and agile learners who make a positive ‘dent in the universe’.   –     Simon de Senlis Reimagined – Summer 2013

We then took the opportunity to discuss what our own goals were and how we want to go on and make a dent in the universe. One word that stood out to us was ‘industrious’ and it was clear that hard work is important in order for us to succeed.

  • ‘A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.’ – Colin Powell – General
  • ‘People think I must have been so talented at an early age, but I don’t know – was it talent or hard work? Who knows?’  – Monica Seles – Tennis Player

Year six would be interested to hear what your own goals are and how you would like to make a dent in the universe. Do you want to be a teacher, run the country, create the latest epic invention or be the next person to travel into space? Whatever it is we want to know! 



18 thoughts on “Year 6 PSHE Going for Goals – Making a positive dent in the universe

  1. Hello Miss Coade

    I want to be a teacher because i think i can succeed to be a teacher plus all the teachers say i should also my mum said too xx

    By Ramnik♪♥♪x♪

  2. I want to make my own stables because i love horses so much an i also love teaching little children how to ride horses.
    By Amy.

  3. I want to be a footballer or a chef because, I love football and I love cooking and today I made some scrumptious rock cakes.

  4. i would like to success to be a nail tesnition
    because allways paint my freinds nails and familys nails
    my pasion is nails and makeing them pretty there for i wanna be a nail person

  5. what I would like to be when I grow up is a backer or scientist or I would like to do tampering. I would like to be all these things because I love backing and I would like to own my own bakery by backing cakes. I also want to be a scientist because I love finding out things, also I love making my own potions. I love trampling because I love jumping up and down, doing tricks.

  6. hi
    I would like to be a footballer because I always practise football and I play for grange park fc with several other people such as: Alfie, Isaac, connor h and connor b.

  7. I would love to be a teacher and teach in year 1 or reception as I love playing and having fun with little children. I wanted to be a nursery teacher as there is younger children there but my mum explained that you do not get much money so I then decided to teach reception or year 1.

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