Key Skills Literacy work – 11th October 2013

Look back at the picture from last week. Once you have fully analysed the image, please write a descriptive paragraph based on your interpretation of the image. Make sure that you include lots of adjectives, adverbs as well as a description of the different senses and feelings to help set the scene for the reader. Remember your VCOP and writing targets for this term. You may complete this either on the blog or in your key skills book.

Due date: 16th October 2013

Miss Coade

14 thoughts on “Key Skills Literacy work – 11th October 2013

  1. The darkness is tacking over the clouds are getting angry at us…..The sea as dark as the sky at mid night..As the old delicate boats flouting up and down started to smash the waves are to heavy …

  2. The waves crashed against the rocky shore as the clouds grew bigger and bigger darker and darker. The boats swaying side to side, as a dim figure appeared form the blue suddenly it started getting closer and closer…

  3. The stormy sea obliterated everything in its path; (that’s why I didn’t want to go out there!) The fisherman prepared the old weather beaten boat. There was a dark figure frantically screaming and shouting in the rocks, on the horizon. As powerful as ever, the sea frothed up, battering the shore. Waves sloshed up over the harbour wall, flooding everything-including me! I wondered why I had to go out there in such atrocious conditions…

  4. As i woke up all i saw was the night sky and the dirty polluted water. Infront of my eyes where people that had starved to there verrylast words stared a little and when i realized what they where upto i sprinted to the other side of the habor.

  5. As I opend my eyes wide trying not to get salty sea water in I thought I was dreaming but I wasent it was real.There she was Rose, ( my long lost daughter).She was standing on crooked dark brown rocks with her slim pale arms out about to hug me.Just as she got up to me about to give me a hug I suddenly woke up and relised it was another mystierious dream.

  6. The sight was horrendous. It was probably the worst storm in history! The waves crashed against the rocks almost a meter high. This man who stood on the very edge of the rock looked like he was begging God for the storm to stop. Two men tied the boats up so they could not go sailing off because of this frightening storm. Three ladies and three men looked out to see if there was any wrecked boats; surprisingly they could not see one. If at this very second I was allowed to make one and only one wish it would be for this storm to stop at once. I knew that my wish was not to be granted as the wind was getting stronger and stronger, the waves were getting higher and higher, the sky was getting darker and I knew that the vile storm would not stop for at least another hour.

  7. I saw it then… The colossal waves crashed against the jagged rocks getting higher and higher! Despite the storm and the waves, the ship was there… The ship that had been under the water and survived without a driver, the ship that had been calling the city but there’s no answer, the ship that had been though a dozen, huge waves! The ship that was haunted for a million years! There was a pause… They stared as the man gave his sacrifice. His arms spread and dropped into the pitch black sea… I wish he didn’t, but a myth could be our last hope… By Anosha.H

  8. The waves crasheed on the jagged rocks so angerly that it was like the sea wanted revenge. The people on the rock looks like they are old victorian ghosts coming back from the dead. Stanging hoplesly the person at the end of the rock serrended and was getting ready to jump in to the sea. As the people booed annd cheered the man faced them and then there was a pause… now you might be wondering why there is a man at the end of the rock,well it was because he broke one of the rules therefore the people decided to make him jump from the rock in to the black threterning sea.

  9. The waves crashed against the battered slippery shore. The dark,stormy sky,and the wind what nearly threw the people in to the water,rocking the boats side to side. These poor souls standing there feeling sorrowful staring at the spirit of the dead body that had risen from the sea.

  10. Cautiously, the young boy looked out to sea. Someone had fallen in. Rapidly, the fishermen got their weather beaten boats ready and carried them to shore. Swiftly, they sailed out into the dark sea. Everyone held their breath hoping for good news. Someone had to save him and the fishermen were the only ones willing to put their lives at danger… Will he survive? Will the fishermen survive?!

  11. As I woke up I lifted my head up looking at the sky it was awful it was grey black and all the dark colours that you could think of.all the people there we’re all praying to god because of this nasty boatman who made them work day in day out every week of the year.they were starving because nobody had any money.the boatman won’t even give them a penny.will they ever get any money?will they ever survive?

  12. As thay watched the man standing on the rock he’s very skinny and his holding a iron bucket.there were two people sorting out the boats but thay were interrupted by the man standing on the rock.A prest whispered to him selef,”his sacruficing himself.”
    So the prest told every one and the guvener,”shouted save him.”
    Thay were all in shock and there was a pause.

  13. the waves crashed against the solid grey rocks ,the people huddled all together the waves got bigger and bigger the old scruffy people ran as fast as the wind the storm came in. I started to get scared I stared around what shall I do I thought to myself. the waves were like crazy animals in the storm I ran and ran and stopped in front of a little cottage I carefully knocked on the door. The opened I self with a wicked creaky sound I stepped in “HELLO ANY BODY THERE” I shouted> a dark figure a approached me…
    BY zoe

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