Women Win Wars

This term we are studying WW1- learning about the causes of the First World War, the counties involved and life in the trenches.
After half term our topic will focus on women and how they were involved in the war efforts. Before next week we want you to think of some questions based on information you would like to find out about. Either write them in your key skills book or on the blog. We want to find out what YOU want to learn so get your thinking caps on 🙂

Miss Coade


6 thoughts on “Women Win Wars

  1. How many women were in factories at the time?
    Did women die in the war?
    We’re woman forced to do there job?
    What jobs were there?
    How many hours a day did they work?
    Did they have to work?

  2. How many hours did a day did they work?
    How many women’s were in the factories?
    Why did they made women work when the men went into the war?
    Did any women die in the war?
    Did they get bored often?
    How much money did they get?

    By Ramnik♪♥♪♥♪

  3. how meny women on avrege had to go to the factaries at a time?
    what time did they start and finish work?
    did any women get killed dureing the work in factries?
    did they get paid?
    where did there kids go/did they miss them?
    did the women suffer in the poor conditions?

  4. What was fashion like in world war 1 ? how did it change for women ? Did women like the new looks , like what they wore in the factory’s ?

  5. When did they start in the war?
    Why did they start?
    How did they start?
    How much did they work?
    How long did they work?
    Did they win a war?
    Was there a war only for women?
    Form Anosha!

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