Diski Dance

Miss Coades year six class “Mandela” walked over to Abbeyfield School to attend a dance class in their wonderful dance room, complete with mirrored wall and shiny wooden floor.

Mrs Thomas was our teacher, she taught us a Diski Motif which started off in South Africa, it is a dance that uses football techniques, but without the ball!

We all did a warm-up dance to some very loud music then started to learn the Diski moves.

We left after an hour feeling good  and looking forward to our next lesson. I will try to remember my PE kit for next time.

Mrs Price

One thought on “Diski Dance

  1. We all had a fab time at Abbey field ,, I loved doing all the dancing and can’t wait till we go back and do some more . I’m off home to teach by little brother William and sister Violet what I have learnt . Thank you south Mrs Thomas xx

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