Watercolouring in Year 6

In Year 6 we have been learning how to use watercolours. A teacher called Mrs Watson came into help us; she was really good. She taught us how to set up our equipment and how to winkle (we had never even heard of winkling before!). This is when you move your paintbrush very lightly around in a circle to collect as much paint from the palette as possible. She told us that our water had to be clear enough to drink!

In creative curriculum this term we are looking at WW1. To give more context to this period of time, we looked at inventions from over the last 100 years. It is hard to imagine that they didn’t even have television during the war in 1914 so they had to think of different ways to communicate! Once we had researched our given topic, we used our water colouring skills to create the presentation sheets. Look how neat our handwriting is!

Something to think about…

  • When do you think these things were invented and first used?
  • How have they changed throughout the last 100 years?
  • Could you imagine life without these things? How would it change?
  • What impact do you think these things would have had on WW1 if they had been fully developed at the time e.g. the television?

2 thoughts on “Watercolouring in Year 6

  1. Great art work Rosie keep it up . Art and dancing Rosie’s two favorite lessons . Thank you Simon de Senlis for making our little girl so happy xx

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