Easter Revision Key Skills

Friday 4th April

Dear Parents/ Carers

The end, finally, to another jam-packed term! Rainforest explorers, falconers, knights and horses have visited, sports competitions have been won and an immense amount of work has been completed.

Whilst we want the children to have a well-earned break, we are also conscious of the fact that it is now only twelve school days until the SAT testing week.  With this in mind, we are collating a set of activities to ‘keep them going’ over Easter.  Around 20 minutes a day on one of the activities below would be great.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar

  • There are several powerpoints on the class blogs to work through.


  • A piece of descriptive writing; a prompt sheet accompanies this letter.


  • Each child has a booklet of ‘10 minutes a day’ activities.


  • A piece of reading followed by some comprehension questions, again the children have a copy.


We hope you all have a great holiday and the sunshine returns!

Kind regards


Rachel Rosevear               Charlotte Coade               Lesley Lutas-Brown         Jenny de Board


SPaG Easter Revision

Literacy Easter Task

treeHand in by Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Imagine you are out for a walk in the woods one day when all of a sudden you come across this gnarled tree. You start to take slow, steady steps towards it when you hear a sudden click, like a lock being undone.  A small door appears to open on the side of the tree and you can see a definite light glowing from within …

Your task is to write an imaginative story about what could happen when you come across this tree.

-Look to include a range of description (VCOP/ACVPWSP)

-Range of sentences for effect

-Use lots of good WOW words for description.