Up levelling our writing through technology

Last term, the children in Year 6 spent three weeks looking at play scripts. They began by studying some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays (which were quite tricky to understand) and looking at all of the conventions that were used. After this, they got into small groups and began to plan and write their own plays out which were inspired by the examples they had looked at.

A few weeks ago, Mr Rees introduced the Purple Pen of Progress which children are now regularly using in their books to up levelling their work. In Year 6 we decided to use the same idea but combine it with the work that we have been doing on the cloud. The children then spent time reading each others work and writing feedback in green text. For the rest of the session they used this guidance to up level their work in purple text. Have a look at the results below!


Act 1 scene 5

Act 1 scene 1

Act 3 Scene 3

Act1 scene 2


Year 6


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