The colourful Carnival comes to SDS!

Last week, on Thursday 12th June, the carnival came to Simon de Senlis. None of the children, or parents, knew what they were about to walk into when they entered the school gates that morning. Read the Year 6 recounts to find out what happened that day…..

Miss Coade

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  1. When I arrived I saw the shining Chinese dragon, suddenly my nerves went into overdrive as I imagined all the people staring at me. then after 1/2 an hour we got into the dragon as the drums beat throughout the playground. As we walked around we saw the the dancers dancing in perfect unison. While round the corner was a football frenzy! Eventually I exited the dragon to walk around and saw the quick movement of the samber band

    Finally I saw all the bright shining colours of the cloths flashing infront of me. While walking around the loud chattering of the exited parents taking photos of all the events happening at the carnival.

  2. Slowly strolling, into the playground it felt awfully unusual as only a few people were here because we had to arrive early to practice our performances ,whether we were line dancing .I met up with my friends that were also either performing the line dance as well practicing a different entertainment. we all practiced our different entertainments while the sun was beaming down on us. As we line danced ,in our little rows, we felt the vibration of the children banging down on there drums. suddenly we could see crowds of parents starting to arrive. the beautiful Chinese dragon swayed swiftly in and out of the different parents , its beautiful scales reflecting down onto the sun.

    the parents gathered round each entertainment taking either pictures or videos. Also waving at there beautiful children and watching them perform. I looked around. I could see the wave of all of the children’s brightly coloured clothes while we line danced around in our little rows to happy. round the corner I could see the talented footballers showing of there football tricks. Then I could see the big crowds of parents starting to disappear. Then I thought, what a great morning.

  3. Running excitedly, I approached the school gates. As I got closer I could hear the booms and bangs of the samba band. Walking through the gates, a wave of colour hit me. Every step I took there was a different event. Weather it was line dancing or the samba band and lots more. Also when I looked up, the parents were watching the talented children, a multi-coloured Chinese dragon with year six children underneath weaved through the huge, colourful crowed.

    As the clock struck quarter to nine I saw that the crowd of entertained parents, started to disappear. When they walked off they were clapping, cheered and smiling. I thought to my self, what a successful morning.

  4. As I walked through the giant green gate I heard the drums beating like elephants stamping .As I started walking the playground became crowded so it was almost impossible to move. As I pushed through I saw a dragon shimmering in the sun light . It was as red as a rose. Then I got out of the crowd . I saw jungles throwing brightly coloured juggling balls. After they spun large plates. Soon after the drums got louder and faster. After I saw dancers majestically dancing . They danced like leaves falling from a tree. It was amazing ,the carnival was bright and colourful. My eyes were transfixed.

  5. On a sunny Friday. I peacefully woke up and got changed for an exciting event. I arrived to school at eight o’clock. As I entered. My eyes caught the brightness of the clothes on each adorable chid. As I walked through the door ,that was white as snow, it felt like something amazing was going to happen. It felt I had started something new!

    My eyes were telling me that something or someone, was waiting for me outside in the rough and colourful playground. I stepped outside and saw a tall, luscious green gate. It felt like I was surrounded by soilders constantly looking at me. As I entered, my eyes spotted another school , dressed in blue, who were holding loud drums and other instruments. My lovely teacher (Mrs Cater) practised the two line dancing songs. The generous parents arrived . Each way I tried to move, it felt like I was trapped in this bubble and could only stay there, because it was my duty.


  6. As the sun, beating hard down on me, heated the room, I opened the door and stepped into the blistering light. A burst of colour hit my vision and a bigger smile grew on my face. The parade had started, I just knew it! The blurry sight modelled into people, holding up vivid coloured dragons, swaying in the light breeze. I stood into position with my best friend Ella. We held a bright purple decoration and in front of us stood another phenomenal fierce dragon. Suddenly moving, the crowd stomped on; They cheered loudly and went on their way
    Dazzling brightly, the temperature got warmer, hotter and boiling. This was just too much for a Thursday, especially with all the racket! Soon we suffered a entire lap around the whole field!

  7. I arrived on Friday, the day where it was sunny (at last.) As I walked past, there stood before me were drums being played perfectly, not a single note wrong. Then I ran over to the colourful, overwhelming dragon, however the drums were calling me back .The line dancers moved around gracefully, in beat of the music. Almost as if they had known the beautiful movements all there life.

    Then, at the speed at light, I decided to watch the boys play entertaining foot ball (at least everyone else thinks that.) Many parents crowded around their children tacking photos and joining in having fun. Behind the line dancers, not noticeable, were many pupils spinning a variety of Frisbee on sticks. The sticks were as smooth as a babes skin. When I strolled further in to the crowd it was so busy that it felt like I was in an amusement park.

  8. Today at 8oclock I approached the green gates and saw a samba band playing some fantastic tunes and everyone was watching. I could not move so squeezed though all the happy parents and children. When I escaped I saw some line dancers doing a dance that I did not under stand. I looked to my left and saw a dragon going right for me. It’s face was full of colours and was a long as a snake.

    Then I saw people playing with a football and having fun. As everyone left though the large gates I went into to class to continue the day.

  9. On a bright sunny Thursday morning, year six arrived early at school so everybody could practise there personal performance for the world cup. Everybody rehearsed for ten minutes. Whilst parents were anxiously waiting at the dark green tall gate, pupils of our school got in position for their performance. Although there was a different school playing the gigantic drums.
    The heat of the blazing sun beamed down on me. As the Chinese dragon approached me I could see the colourful scales all down its light red back . The sound of the drums made everyone smile. Everyone stopped and crowded around to watch the line dance performance . Boys from around year six showed parents and children cool football tricks.

  10. As I approached the tall school gates, I could hear the beating of the drums pounding at my ears. The blearing sun was falling onto my back and to my feet. It was like a rainbow all around ! There were people, in the colourfull clothes doing line dancing ,as I walked around all I could see was a shimmer of colour. I could hear music, banging of the drums, bouncing of the ball, and many more raving sounds.

    As the Chinese dragon approached , all I saw was the shimmering light reflecting off it.

  11. on Thursday afternoon our year group went to the wall, and I saw a sea of colour and just a piles of mess. faces were covered In world wide flags such as Japan.

  12. Slowly approaching the green iron gates there was a loud noise! Everyone knew the noise was coming from the gigantic playground. We all sprinted rapidly to it and we was greeted by the samba band which was playing a lovely song. After hearing the beautiful music we walked further into the depths of the playground. We saw people crowding around something. What was it? Carefully approaching the amusing things we saw…
    A place where we could play football! Me, Benveer and Ethan swiftly grabbed a small size 4 football. We played until we were told to stop.

  13. It was a boiling hot Thursday morning . My ear drums pounding to the rhythm of the drums. feet tapping to the sound of music. the crowds eyes gazing on the entertainment. as a bright red Chinese dragon weaved threw the parents drawing their eyes away. the line dancers speed grew and the drummers volume increased. Noise growing louder and louder and louder until….. a loud whistle echoed threw he play ground. it was the carnival king Mr Rees .

    Sadly he was telling us to pack up the parade. everybody started to leave. drums silenced. feet stopped. after parents waved good bye to their children. they fled threw the school gates. children in eye blinding clothes were starting to empty the play ground and enter in to the sauna of a hall. were there was noise and happiness there was silence and emptiness. however that was just the opening; there was much more to come.

  14. I arrived at the ordinary school gates at 8:00 I could feel the vibe of the carnival approaching me. Then me and my best friends Zoe and Ramnik stood side by side on the play ground ready to line dance, Mrs Carter pressed play on the laptop. Then happy started blearing out of the gigantic speaker at me ! Although the song was on volume 100!it was still to quiet, because the raving band playing the multi-coloured drums were to loud causing our music to be unheard by the dancers and even the disappointed watchers

    As we started to dance all I could see was a crowd of intimidated people gathering around to watch us dance the Chinese dragon was swaying through us ,it was filled with vivid colours messing with my mind. The blearing sun was beating down on me from head to toe.

    Then the music stopped! The whole playground froze the world stopped turning
    we started a new song it was our favourite were all static I had never heard the over crowded playground so noisy in my life!


  15. As I walked into the huge playground there were lots and lots of people brightly coloured.
    The samba band were fantastic the dragon made me scared because it was huge. Lots of people made me feel nervous because there so much was going on. It was a nice assembly with lots of visitors. I now know about Carnival and I loved making the hats, getting my face painted which was awesome. The Mexican wave made me laugh because it took ages to get right. I really enjoyed holding the pole and felt part of the carnival. I played with Leanne at break had lunch outside, made hats at the afternoon and it was a fantastic. Brazilian party I really enjoyed, especially Leanne’s colourful carnival dress.

  16. On Thursday afternoon the whole of year six curiously walked down to the hall, unaware of what was going going to meet them. colours covered the whole of the table. We just went to get ou face painted, also it was was our own choice. We also had to make a hat not just any old hat, your own hat….. It has got to be fantastic. I got my hat and stuck some foam on it. There was chalk, pins, pencils, foil and ribbon. The ribbon was as light as a feather.
    Also I stuck a lot of foil, so it hung like a blanket over my face but it was a bad idea because at two thirty, we went out side and there was a bright colour everywhere, flags were waving at me. We marched with the parents and with our fellow class mates. The sun was glimmering gold. It was amazing.
    We all stopped sat down then….. We done the Mexican wave over and over again until we got it perfect. Then we walked back to the class.

  17. As I entered the school gates, I was greeted by a loud noise of many different instruments ringing in my ears. The vivid colours of everyone’s clothes shone in my eyes, almost blinding me! I saw my fabulous friends playing football and I rapidly ran over to join them.
    After we played football for a while, we swiftly sprinted over to listen to the exhilarating band play a beautiful song. It was full of young, year 6, children from a different school. We were lucky they came to play there phenomenal music!
    Eventually, we wondered suspiciously inside, not knowing what was ahead… Then we created our own hats. Choosing from a range of world-wide flags, we got our face painted. I got the South Korean flag. I also put the same flag on my hat. I tied some crimson red material onto the back and made some fake hair. It didn’t really match my hair though.

  18. As I enter throw the gate a dragon , the scariest creature of all , past by in rhythm line dancers were unstoppable they danced all the time , children playing on instruments and tunes more of great activities .There were a lot of children and parents , seemed like one hundred . Children who did activities were fearless and I felt they could do anything .

    Everyone who was at the amazing carnival was wearing colour cloths than the sun , it felt like walking throw a rainbow . I didn’t see anyone tearful or even worse , I knew it was a good day just from the start .

  19. I had volunteered to do the line dancing on a Thursday morning. We had been practising all week with our teacher Mrs Carter. When I arrived at school at 8:00am on Thursday morning and quite a few people were there already. It was then that I found out that we weren’t the only group performing this morning. Some teachers were getting dressed up. We went over to Mrs Cor who was dressing them up. We asked if we could have a bindie. She said yes therefore we had a lovely bindie on our foreheads.

    Finally we went outside to have one final practise. Once we had finished our practise, the gates opened slowly and everyone was filled with nerves and a heard of adults with their children walked in. The samba band started to play and the sound roared through the playground. Mr Wainwright and his football team were doing lots of tricks.

    Finally they walked over to us we kept going out of time and we kept forgetting the steps but we soon picked it up again. My mum walked over with my little sister and took videos and pictures of me as I danced. At least we were all wearing bright colour like everyone else. It was such a fun and exciting morning. It was once that I said that the loud samba band came over and played right In our way. It got so bad it got to a point were we couldn’t hear the music.

  20. It was a boiling hot Thursday morning. my ear drums pounding to the rhythm of the drums. feet tapping to the sound of the music. the crowds eyes gazing on the entertainment. as a bright red Chinese dragon weaved through the parents drawing their eyes away, the line dancers speed grew and the drummers volume increased. noise growing louder and louder and louder until…….. a loud whistle echoed through the play ground it was the carnival king Mr Rees.

    Sadly he was telling us to pack up the parade. everybody started to leave. after the parents waved goodbye to their children they fled through the gates. children in eye blinding brightness were starting to empty the playground and enter in to the sauna of the hall. were there was noise and happiness there was silence and emptiness. however that was just the opening; there was much more to come.

  21. I went to school early because I was in the Chinese dragon. Every one was placed in a singal line and a coulerful cloth was placed on top of us .When the Chinese dragon had finished I lifted the cloth from my face. I was greted by a sea of couler. To my right line dancers were dancing to carival music. Drums where tunefully ringing through my ears and people where everywere. I slithered through the crowd the flag, which was painted on my face was dripping off my face. Sweat was dripping down my face washing the paint away like a spung.

  22. As I walked through the school gates; clouds of people harassed me and roared with excitement- it sounded like bells ringing in my ears. Looking around I decided to go to the football area, all you had to do was show off your best skills.

    When I finally left the football, I went straight over to the children from a different school who were playing the drums. They were totally awesome. Despite the chaotic crowds the carnival was going pretty well. As I listened to the tuneful sounds of the terrific music my eyes transfixed on Mrs lutas since she was telling us to go inside.

    Casually talking to my friends I strolled back to my classroom, (as I was bored I took ages. Meanwhile, the unfortunate teachers had to tidy up the activities outside. Mischievously, we all about our fun experience at the carnival!

    However it was soon spoilt as the teacher walked into the classroom… We were instantly silent… Luckily she didn’t realise we were talking. Finally we began our boring work- the carnival had ended…

  23. As I walked into the colourful clutter in the big hall I saw Simon our instructor. He demonstrated how to make the beautiful hats. When I finished my aluminous hat me and Alfie were holding the Algerian flag. When we got out side we heard loud music.

    Then we walked onto the luscious green grass and around the large field. Then we all sat down in a massive semi circal. Then in 3 seconds we did the Mexican wave. Eventually we went to see our parents and then went home

  24. After a large period of time we had had our faces painted and well decorated hats created. Now we were going to go outside to do a giant carnival around the playground. We grabbed different countries flags and towering poles decorated with bright colours and hand made maracas. We left the large hall and proceeded to the back of the playground where we would start. By now we were burning, trying to get shade from hiding underneath the flags. It didn’t work.
    The sun beat down on the vivid coloured poles casting dark shadows on us. The tall poles towered up together creating a stunning sea of them. All of a sudden, the women guiding the carnival told us to do a Mexican wave, so we did. We shouted when it came to us but in all honesty, it wasn’t the best Mexican wave. So we did it again! But half the people didn’t realise we had started. finally we did it well to raise our spirits and started to set of onto the field, shaking the maracas. Sadly some people decided to do very awkward dancing. I went along with it. Eventually we stopped again on the field to do yet another Mexican wave; this time we went from sitting down to standing up and it was much better than the others. Then the fun was stopped when we went in…

  25. The bright colours blew me away as I entered the school gates. The sun was beating
    down on us and made us all smile. In the evening we had our face painted. The majority of people chose the England flag but some chose different.

    Hats were made by everyone. All were artistic and colourful but also inspiring. But the best thing about it is that we did a minuet amount of work. It was fun because we have never done so little work before. I had the best time of my life in a long time.

  26. As I walked through the school gates I could see lots of bright colours. I saw a huge, red dragon weaving in and out of people and then I saw my friend. He was in bright colours to. We all went inside and went into assembly. There were some visitors, one was called Simon. We did fun stuff throughout the day about Carnival and World Cup and in the afternoon we made hats. I had a blue and yellow flag painted on my face. We all went on the playground and we danced and sang. Loads of people had flags. I had a massive England flag which was waving on the playground. It was the best day ever.

  27. Lovely recounts of a fantastic day last week,so much going on,I enjoyed reading everyone’s special memories.

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