14 thoughts on “Musee de Somme

  1. I cannot believe you are in France and taking part in such an exciting learning opportunity! I am really looking forward to following your blogs and keeping up to date with all the amazing things you have planned!
    Mrs Fennelly

  2. For George

    We hope you are having a fantastic time with your friends, we are following you on Twitter and Facebook . Be good and make sure you learn lots xx

  3. For Paris Read
    To a very special daughter! Hope you’re having a lovely time & you enjoyed your trip to Paris today. Have a great time tomorrow at the Somme Museum & Senlis School and sleep well darling. Seni cok seviyoruz! Nous t’aimons de tous nos coeurs! xx 🙂 Mummy & Daddy

  4. For Tyla Pritchard.
    Hi tyla and the rest of year 6.
    Hope you are having an amazing time, pictures look amazing. Although tyla your not in many of them haha.
    Hurry up home tyla, miss u so much and am fed up of hearing “wwhere’s tyla” 50 tines a day haha.
    Have fun at Disney.
    Love you always mum xx

  5. Hi year 6 how are you getting on at france i hope you are having fun .Have a good time at disney land you will have the best time ever 🙂 🙂 🙂 it is EPIC!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. hello to everyone at France I hope you are all having a wonderful time well anyway all of us are doing fine on the first day we stayed at school and we done some art and picnic planning we done art about the queen Eleanor cross and the Delapre abbie on the second day we went to the saints rugby ground all day and we came back at 3:30 on the third day we went to Tesco’s for are picnic food and came back to school and waited in class for 5 minutes and then we went to the kitchen and if we had some think to cook we had to

  7. Wow …. Awesome… on Thursday we are going on a awesome picnic… glad to see you had fun. We did some work on Delapre Abbey house and the Cross. We had to write a bit and then draw a picture of it . Sadly, the camera on any device didn’t work otherwise I would’of shown you my work..

  8. For Paris Read

    Trust you’ve had a wonderful time these ladt few days & thst you really enjoyed Disneyland Paris today. Lots if Love, Mum, Dad & Zara! xxx

  9. What was fun:

    The most fun part about France was Disneyland Paris and the most fun ride at Disneyland was space mountain because it went on for a long time and did loop the loop.

    The most fun part was the things we did in our sleep. Alina cat walked around the place. Lily disco danced. Sarah played mine craft.

    The most fun part of MY week was going to Salcey Forest for a picnic. Also We built huts using sticks and me and Lauren C won the Building competition.
    Another thing that i enjoyed was Going to pizza express and making our own pizzas. (obviously) . I enjoyed the pizza making but unfortunately Gemma Moaned about that when we ate the pizza it was Freezing!

    Next blog post to come is about what we learnt and the skills we developed.

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