The Start of World War 1

Today we learnt about the Great War began. After watching videos, researching and discussing we mostly had a clear idea about how and why it started. One pupil from each group wrote on the board how it started…

photo 1


Pupil unknown explained this was the catalyst for the war beginning:

photo 2

Can anyone give a more secure explanation of why the war started?

2 thoughts on “The Start of World War 1

  1. Hollie, Lauren and George K

    world war 1 started because of these reasons listed below:

    reason 1 ) there was a man who went to Bosnia who was from Austria and he got assassinated by a Serbian.

    reason 2 ) the Germans were jealous of Britains big empire.

    reason 3 ) Germany wanted a bigger fleet to match Britains.

    Reason 4 ) The allies of each country herd and got involved.

    And that is how World War 1 started.

  2. These are the four main reasons why ww1 started and we will expand on it after (enjoy) :
    1) An Austrian got killed by a Serbian in Bosnia now this may sound a bit strange but it is all true ( no lie ) this effects it because all the countries were allies if you wondered.
    2) Nationalism this was another key reason ,lots of small countries entangled in other empires were enraged of the fact that they were simply owned by others this resulted in a rebellion thy wanted their freedom.
    3) Right, third reason is that the Germans were extremely jealous of the growing British empire this brought on a fight of the first world war.
    4)Finally, the German Navy fleet was getting bigger as they spoke.
    Well here is our explanation on how WW1 started thank you for reading.

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