Collaboration in PE

This PE lesson we looked at collaborative work and the associated skills .


  • Guidance
  • Listening
  • Sharing ideas
  • Fair play
  • Trust
  • Sportsmanship
  • Instructions
  • Sensible

In order to look at all of these skills and see how they work we did….

  1. Obstacle course – we made the field messy. We made one person in our group blind (with a blindfold). We had to guide them across the “minefield” without touching anything.
  2. In threes we had to get a rugby ball from one end of the pitch to the other, we had to use two skipping ropes. We weren’t allowed to touch the rugby ball with our hands, feet or any part of our bodies!
  3. We played a hoop game. In a team of five or six we had to get to the other end of the field without touching the ground outside of a hoop (we had two). We couldn’t move the hoop whilst we were inside it. It was difficult to begin with. Once we got used to it and came up with a good strategy it was easier! It required a lot of teamwork!

Blog above written by the class!

Some pictures from the afternoon:

photo 1 (2) photo 1 (3) photo 1 (4) photo 2 (2) photo 2 (3) photo 2 (4) photo 3 (2) photo 3 (4) photo 4 (4)photo 5 (2) photo 5 (4) photo

6 thoughts on “Collaboration in PE

  1. The skills we learnt one was listening, that will help us in class listening to the teacher or sports club leader. Sharing ideas will help us in group work and collaborations.
    Another skill we had to learn to be sensible and that will help us to succeed in working with our friends or someone we might not work well with.
    Another skill was guidance which would help with being trusted which bring us to skill 4 which was trust and if you are trusted you can get more stuff to do.
    Also we need to be good at instructions to tell someone what to do precisely
    what to do and how to do it

  2. Collaboration is important because:

    It will help you in the future as it will help you as it will help us socialize and meet new people including friends.
    Also, collaboration is important not only playing games and not only helping us in the future but, it helps us work together when we do something together in school lessons.

    We will use collaboration out side of school when:

    when we train to get a job and work a lot of different people and trying to be friends with them in the future.

    We need to use collaboration because we will get a lot of work finished quicker.

    We will use these skills when we are doing something with each other and when we are playing sports, like football, rugby and lots of other sports.we will also use the skills like we did in P.E, so solving problems

    By AC, HH & J

  3. We will use this skill In our sporting actives in and out of school.

    We need to use them because it helps us in our team work and collaborative

    When we are out of school we find our self’s using more collaboration skills than when we are in school

    team work is important ,because when we are older we do more stuff which we do more collaboration actives.

    It will benefit us in and out of school because we need to use team work because when you’re an adult you use a lot of team work/collaboration in work therefore if you don’t use you might get fired.

  4. Basically you are working using collaboration when you are doing group work well you should

    As we were working as a team when we just did this work when you don’t realize that you are doing it

  5. We only use our skills in P.E and in class mostly collaboratively in class because we do more
    What we need for good group work:
    Having fun
    In school we all ways work well with each other
    And never have a discriminates.
    Do not judge us on our success judge us on how many times we fell over and got back again.

  6. Basically we had to work as a team and we needed to go threw the obstacle and we needed to blind fold are eyes but it was really hard but we got threw and Richard and charlie was in my group i was guiding Richard threw the obstacle and Richard was trying to get to the finish line to charlie because charlie was at the finish line i really liked to guid Richard because i really like doing this it was absouloutly awesome.some things Richard got knocked in to some things because he couldn’t hear but some of it he could hear ,me i liked so so much.

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