The Giant’s Necklace

Recently we have been reading The Giant’s Necklace. Everyone has been extremely enthusiastic with the text and all work has been great!

The story leaves all readers with many questions unanswered. Michael Morpurgo does a fantastic job in keeping the readers guessing!

We are thinking of contacting Michael Morpurgo about the text, what questions should we ask him? How would you review the story? Some questions to pose to him are very obvious; I’m sure we all want to know the answer to one question. Therefore, try to think outside of the box!


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8 thoughts on “The Giant’s Necklace

  1. We think that Cherry died when she got dragged in by the tide . When Cherry woke up on the beach we think that it was her ghost . MS

    When she was in the waves she could of got jabed by a spikey ball thing that poisoned her ,then she climed up the cliff and she saw a light in a cave so she put the shells in on a ledge and thats when the poison killed her thats how she died. By MR

    I liked about the story when she got scared by the miners.My favourite part of the story was when Cherry got dragged in by the tide.I liked it because of all of the action that happens in it. It is also good because of when she woke up she didn’t know that she had been killed.
    I liked it because it was all confuseing when you don’t know when cherry died . MR

  2. Liam And Alexandra

    I think that when Cherry died was when she went into the cave and the ghosts the gave cherry the tea and then the ghosts killed her while she was drinking tea. by Liam
    I think Cherry died when she coughed and coughed until her lungs were clear so that means that she had water in her lungs instead of air. By Alexandra
    Or when it said that those were her last thoughts before the sea took her away. By Alexandra
    What we liked about the story
    I liked the story because of the twist of when she was just picking up cowrie shells to make the necklace to when the storm came and she had to climb up the cliff. By Liam
    I liked the story because it was very mysterious because we didn’t know where or when she was going to die or we didn’t even know that she was even going to die

  3. George and Selin thought that Cherry died when she got washed up on the shore and it said ‘she coughed until her lungs were clear’.
    Lily thought Cherry died when she went into the cliffs cave and it said ‘there is not much air and the air that we have is not clean’.
    Selin- ” I think that the story was very interesting and well written, it was different in a good way!”
    Lily- ” I think the story had a lot of suspense because it didn’t tell you when Cherry died and it was all a mystery of the ghosts
    George- ” I think it had a amazing twist that bought suspense on the readers
    thoughts to do with the story.”
    Selin- “I enjoyed the fact that the story was mysterious an about ghosts that didn’t want to know they were dead a lot of suspense there!”

  4. BY L.C, S.N and H.M

    If we would write to Michael Morpurgo, this is what we would ask him:

    • Why did you call cherry ‘cherry’?-because you could of called her anything
    • Is the story based on your life ?- most of your books are based on your life
    • Why did you choose a feminine as the main character?- he is a boy and most books of his are male main characters( The Butterfly Lion )
    • If you could would you change any of the characters?
    • Why did you want cherry to have 4 brothers why not 1 or 2? – It is quite a lot also they could have been sister.
    • Why did you want the miners to be ghosts? – They could have had any job
    • Did you originally want the story to be adventurous? –it could of been horror
    • Why did you make the end so complicated? – You didn’t make it clear that she was dead until the part when no one heard her.

  5. The questions i would ask Micheal Morpurgo:

    1) Why have you done the ending so confusing?
    2) Was this a life based story?
    3) Why did you call the main character ” Cherry” ?
    4) Why did you pick a girl to be the main character?
    5) Why did you want the Miners to be Ghosts?
    6) How do you come up with all your story ideas?
    7) Who influenced your story ideas?
    8) in your head, what does cherry look like.

  6. We think that Cherry died either when she was coughing and coughing until her lungs were clear or when she was stuck in the mine calling for help and no-one heard. Charlie thought that she died when Cherry was crawling because the air was bad and she was claustrophobic, she could hardly breath.
    The Good things about the story were that it makes you think carefully about a lot of different things.

  7. As the tied went out I floated in. I was unconscious then I woke up I didn’t know what was happening but then I turned and it already had turned to dark. I rushed home because I thought that someone was going to take me away because it was pitch black, luckily I had my flash light to guide me home in the dark. Then I reached my cottage there was a police car parked out side my cottage. I went inside and the police man and woman were standing round the table talking to my mum and dad because they thought that I was dead because I wasn’t home on time. So I made my giant’s necklace whilst I waited.

  8. Maisy:

    A good alternative ending, Maisy. I really like your introduction, good description, possibly even better than what was in the book! Funny how Cherry waits to speak to her parents and leaves them thinking that she’s dead?
    You’ve included a lot of extra information to your writing which has worked well to inform the reader. For example, explaining why Cherry rushed home… Without this the reader may not know why she’s rushing home from the beach! It seems to simple but it does create a massive effect on the knowledge and understanding of the reader. Keep up the good work Maisy! 🙂

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