Key Skills 10/10/14


In maths we have recently been looking at 2D shapes.

To consolidate all the learning we have done, can you create five of your own tangrams (examples are on this page, the cat and the rabbit). These tangrams must be created with a variety of 2D shapes. Once you have created it, describe what shapes you have put in. Explain if your tangram has any:

  • Lines of symmetry
  • Parallel lines

cat tangram rabbit tangram


We have recently read the Giant’s Necklace. At the end of the story it is fully relieved that Cherry is in fact no longer alive. For your key skills this week, write the ending of the story differently. Your part of the story must begin from her leaving the mine, how you then end it is entirely up to you… Try to be creative! The obvious option could be that she returns to the house and is actually alive and it’s all happy. However, you could choose to do a random route.

Prior to the Giant’s Necklace we looked at improving our planning skills. Putting these skills to use would be great too!

Remember, complete it in your key skills book to a high standard.

I look forward to hearing your ideas! I expect them all to be very interesting.


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  1. As the ghost walked me out of the cave i relized i could see ghost this whole time. I couldn’t belive it. We said our good bye’s then i waited for he’s light to go then i stared to climb down. when i got down i said to my self i’m alive then shouted i’m alive out. suddenly i heard a voice but i didn’t know what it was saying so i left it. As my feet touched the ground i ran and ran intill i was warned out. i stared to walk after a while when i could run no more. It felt like for ever walking and running home from the beach but it only took 10 minutes but my feet really hurt 🙁 After a while i thought to my self what happens if my family has already left. There it was my house i ran to it looking though the window my mum was there and some men dressed in black (they looked like the men in black) and they said i might be DEAD! so i done the right thing and ran in side screming and shouting i’m not dead i’m not dead and they all was chering even my four brothers (the troubles) 🙂 i said i missed them and they said it back.

    • Well done Gemma, you have used great adjectives and a good use of brackets. When you said ‘four troubles’ did you mean ‘four mistakes’? Also could you add a bit more at the end about the family?

  2. Clambering out of the cave entrance Cherry saw that it was in fact day with bright sun shining bright. Standing, Cherry stared at the beach below.All she thought about was getting back to the cottage where it was in fact safe and warm. Seeing that the tide was in and the jump from where she stood wasn’t that far from the pile of mossy dark rocks she had first discovered during the storm.So with one big leap Cherry bounded on to the rocks. After this she climbed down slowly and with care so her drenched sandled feet would touch the soft sand of the bay without slipping. When Cherry had finally reached the bay, she ran as fast as she could up the path and shore until she reached the front door of her little holiday home. She grabbed the handle and slammed the door open to see her mother just picking up the phone. As soon as she saw her beloved Cherry blossom, as her mum called her, she dropped the phone and grabbed her daughter in her arms after that they carried on welcoming and the celebration went on…

  3. As she got to the top of the cave she turned around and spotted something shiny behind her. Cherry walked forward away from the exit of the cave. She bent down. Picking up the fragile object. It looked like a necklace. Placing it around her neck, a strange faint figure started to apear…
    “A ghost ? ” she thought to herself stearing at the figure!
    ” Yes, yes I am a ghost ! ” The ghostly man replied to Cherry
    ” Am I dead ? ” she asked him
    ” No still living ” he replied ” where are my manners, my name is Lewis and I am 14 years old. ”
    ” My name is Cherry and I am 10. Can I ask you a question? ”
    ” Yes you may . ” was his only response.
    ” If I’m not dead and I can see you then you must be alive ”
    ” No I am defiantly dead ” he responded in a kind manner ” see watch “. He went against one of the cave walls and ran as fast as his ghostly legs could carry him ; straight though the other side! ” see, told you so ” he said as he came back through.
    ” So how can I see you? ” Cherry asked
    ” It is because you have that magic necklace you have there ”
    ” How is it magic? ” Cherry asked
    ” Well ” he paused ” it can let you see ghosts like myself! ”
    ” My mum will … Wait, My mum will be worried about me, I must be going now, I will come back tomorrow, see you soon ”
    ” Good bye then .” He said with a sigh waving at Cherry
    As she ran up the hill she turned and smiled at her new friend, she return back home. Screams and tears filled the house
    ” CHERRY! ” they all screamed, Cherry has to keep her adventure with Lewis a secret but it was for the best!

    How is my story ending ( it took a lot of time 🙂 )

  4. I wasn’t sure where to put this, so I have added it to the blog AND put in my Key Skills book.

    After waving goodbye to the helpful minors, she started to feel the sun in her eyes. Cherry looked up and heard the birds tweeting and the leaves floating in the sky above her. However all she could think of was the horrible sea that nearly cost her her life. While her mind filled with the dreadful thought of the incident with the sea, she walked over to the cliff side. In fact she jogged elegantly, but tiredly, with a determined look on her face. She opened her mouth and took a deep breath, staring at the greeny-blue water.
    “You …You…You horrible sea, I hate you!” She shouted lifting her fist in anger, “You thought you could defeat me, but I won. I’m alive and …,” Her voice became a whisper “I’m FREE!!!!!!” She began to shout again. The sea had almost killed her, and now she had survived, she felt better than ever.
    She turned to walk away, and then she slipped and fell backwards. Her mind raced. As she saw the cliff side disappear she thought she was going to die. The wind flapped against her face. She was going so fast the air resistance against her face made her cheeks flap. Her heart pumped. She started to think that she could have done something else to prevent this. Why did she have to finish looking for her shells? Why didn’t she go back at dark? Why did she have to shout at the sea? And why did she have to start her necklace in the first place?
    She had no strength, so she closed her eyes and prepared herself for what had to come. Suddenly Cherry felt a slight tense in her body, and then she splashed against the water (her eyes still closed). Then, her body was paralyzed for a few seconds. Out load she said “I know I splashed into the sea, but why am I under water?” Cherry was amazed at the sight, she could see for miles (under water) surrounded in a magical world of fish. Red, blue, yellow, purple, pink, green, orange, brown, black, white and turquoise. All colours she could see under the sea.
    Cherry’s mind filled with questions, till she tried to kick for the surface. Strangely she couldn’t kick! She looked down and was shocked; she was terrified, and she was angry. She began to speak in a frightened way, “My feet! My legs! They’re gone!” Her feet and legs had been replaced by some sort of fin. By then some of the fish got distracted and started to swim away from Cherry, but one fish started to swim closer. It was a mini clownfish, with fat fins. Its body was striped orangey-red and white, and was very healthy and slim. He had a certain look on his face that was comforting and worried at the same time.
    While the unknown fish swam closer, cherry had started mumble to herself, about her weird fin and being able to speak under water.
    “I’m speaking under water, and I’m not struggling to breathe at all. I somehow have a weird fin, and my legs and feet have completely disappeared!”
    “Hello? Are you okay?” a sweet voice was coming for behind Cherry. It was the clownfish, with a happy look on his face that started to make Cherry feel happy. The fish started to introduce himself.
    “Hello, I’m Jayden. Are you okay?”
    “No, I’m not okay. My names Cherry and I’ve had a horrible day.” She then began to tell Jayden about her story with the sea and all about the helpful minors.
    “Wow, you have had a rough day.”
    “Do you know where we are? And why I’ve got a fin instead of legs? “
    “Why don’t you know, you’re a mermaid! And you’re under the sea. Any way I’m not supposed to talk to mermaids, but I’ll show you the way to mermaid kingdom.” Cherry followed Jayden to the mermaid kingdom, but she found it hard to travel. Jayden held her while she dolphin kicked her way to mermaid kingdom. (She had been taught how to do this by her uncle James)
    When they got to mermaid kingdom there was a poster saying:
    Welcome to mermaid kingdom, please sign in and out at the reception. Have a nice stay!
    The sign made Cherry fell very welcome, but then she remembered about her family. How worried and sad they would be. Never the less she still dolphin kicked her way to the reception. There, there was a ‘merman’ with a badge that said ‘Jeremy’. He waved and called them over.
    “How can I help you?”
    Jeremy told him about my story, and looked a bit confused.
    “Ha,Ha,Ha. What a funny story. Are you lost? Do you want me to phone your family? Just give me your name and mercard.”
    Cherry didn’t know what he was talking about so, she looked in her pockets for a ‘mercard’. In the pocket of her jumper she found a rectangular card that had her name on it. She handed it to the merman and smiled. He scanned it and a phone appeared from nowhere. (Again Cherry was confused) Jeremy took the phone and dialled the number 12345678910. Then a voice coming from the phone said, ‘please say the name of the mermaid or merman you’re looking for and your relationship to them’.
    Jeremy answered with “Cherry DCO number 07945’s Parents” after he had finished talking, Jeremy handed the ‘mercard’ to Jayden and a bleeping noise came from the phone. Suddenly a light shined in front of them and two ‘people shaped’ silhouettes appeared. The bleeping noise stopped and two middle aged parents walked through.
    “Mum, Dad! I had the most horrible time, and I‘m so glad you’re here.” She ran over and hugged her parents.
    “We were so worried about you! Are you okay? “
    “Yes, I’m fine, but why are we all mermaids? Why have we got fins? Have I been dreaming or have I really gone over the top?”
    Cherry’s mum just smiled at her, then her dad explained that the whole family had been chosen to live their lives as mermaids. They would live in harmony under the sea in mermaid kingdom for the rest of their lives.
    “What about the four mistakes, are they here?” her mum nodded. Although Cherry was still confused, she wondered what it would be like living the rest of her life under the sea…..

  5. There I was on my feet outside the mine. My feet were numb, so were my hands! I thought to myself ‘ I am alive, I am alive… As I was walking through the little cottage I heard voices “ I think she might be dead…” I wowed in an amazement ( in a bad way! ) My mum started to cry . I felt a pity for her! Why didn’t I listen to my grateful and amazing parents first place? Even my brothers don’t seem as bad now. I walked slowly into the kitchen room and shouted “MUM, DAD AND BROTHERS I’M ALIVE!" When the people sitting turned around, they weren't my parents… They were my auntie, uncle and four cousins. I asked them , “ w…wh…where are my mum and dad?"
    “We’re so sorry that we are the ones to tell you… Well. Um, they committed suicide, because you went missing for a year."

  6. Sarah, you have certainly taken the random route! Great use of prepositions and a fun, unusual twist to the story. Well done.

  7. What fantastic writing from everybody… Where do I start?

    A really lovely ending. I like how you have been mysterious by not explaining who the men in black are. Also, well done for including many different emotions from Cherry, a very thorough description! Could you please check your capital letters and there’s a “done” that shouldn’t be there… Copy it into a reply and edit it 🙂

    A really good introduction, describing the weather like this insinuates that it i going to be happy from now on… Can you remember what this literary device is called? Very good description of her movements and I like how you have used a good embedded clause at the end to add that great bit of extra information (about Cherry Blossom).

    Lots of speech Lily, but you have used some good phrases to emphasise the importance of it. The two phrases in particular are, “was his only response” and “in a kind manner”, both telling the reader extra information about the character – very effective. Lily, go back through your writing – are there any commas you could have put in? Especially in your first sentence!

    Like Mrs Chisholm has mentioned, you have definitely gone down the random route. A problem with the random route is that often people get carried away and the quality of writing decreases. However, you’ve managed to keep up the imagination and the high quality of writing, well done! So many things to talk about, Sarah. I especially like how you have regularly described her body’s feelings; her mind raced; her heart pumped; Suddenly Cherry felt a slight tense in her body, and then she splashed against the water (her eyes still closed). Then, her body was paralyzed for a few seconds. Also, Sarah, would her parents have “walked” in? 🙂

    I would say that there’s a lovely twist to your writing, Alina; however, it’s not really lovely is it! It does work really well though, as the reader definitely doesn’t see it coming… I like how you have written it through Cherry’s thoughts, a very effective writing technique. You’ve also used the speech correctly and I like how you’ve punctuated “w…wh…where” to show how she’s speaking with a stutter and a lot of confusion! Well done.

    A note to all of Mandela… Fantastic key skills this week! All parents should be proud of your work. Keep it up.

    • Thank you Mr Prosser for your lovely feed back.
      Would her parents have “walked” in? Was your question. I have now realised that her parents didn’t walk in they swam. Below I have rewrote the sentence it was in:

      The bleeping noise stopped and two middle aged parents dolphin-kicked there way through the large gap.
      “Mum, Dad! I had the most horrible time, and I‘m so glad you’re here.” She ran over and hugged her parents.
      “We were so worried about……….(and so on)

      • Mrs Chisholm has raised a fantastic point… After noticing the parents walked in and then changing it, Cherry then ran over to hug her parents. What could you have put Sarah?

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