World War 1 Dancing

This term we have the luxury of Mrs Evans teaching the year 6s some dance.

All of the children are enjoying it. Every week they are enthusiastic to do it and it’s a shame when it ends!

Towards the end of the WW1 unit (early November), we aim to showcase the dance to families. It’s difficult to explain what they are doing and how much they are enjoying it, so they will comment on it to share to everyone at home and wider how it is going 🙂

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9 thoughts on “World War 1 Dancing

  1. It’s wonderful to see every single one of the children enthusiastically participating. They have all been able to use their knowledge of WW1 and their experience of the memorial in Somme to bring an important piece of history alive through dance. Well done year 6 and KEEP DANCING!!

  2. What do we enjoy about the dancing?
    Maisy –“ I like the moves and half way through it we do street dance”
    Eliza – “I like how you feel that you are a part of it “
    What skills have we learnt?
    Eliza – “we have learnt how to make our dancing faster than it was”
    Maisy – “we have learnt complicated moves and contempory”

    What dances have we learnt?
    Maisy and Eliza – street dance

    What exactly are you dancing to, is it a story? Does it tell a scene?

    Eliza – it is a war theme
    Maisy – we are telling a story about a soldier who’s men all died

    What music are you dancing to?
    Maisy – for our warm up we dance to black and gold by sam sparrow
    Eliza – for our big dance it is to heart to cry

    Who is doing a really good job at dancing?

    Eliza – Hollie, Alex and Maisy
    Maisy – Hollie, Gemma, Lauren h, Eliza and Alex

    Think about anything else you would like to tell your parents, families and the wider world!


  3. I liked doing the ww1 dancing it was very emotional I like doing ww1 dancing because I haven’t done anything like that before.

  4. We mostly enjoyed the fighting of both German and English soldiers. The best part of the fighting was when Ricards through the grenade and blew everyone up. We also liked it when Archie got shot by William. Areebah was one of the graves and part of the trenches and died. Areebah also liked it because she liked it in the fighting because of the gunfire. Max had to do an on-running rolly-polley which would take some skill to do. Archie had to do a front flip but with his arms which also would take a lot of skill, just like max’s front flip rolly-polley thing! We danced to a song called Heart-Cry. The song was quite emotional.

  5. We all have really been enjoying our dancing with Mrs Evans, and can’t wait till later when we get to practise our war dance. At the moment, I am one of the English sides trench and tomb stone, and we’re learning our soldier piece. Hopefully we will be able to show the school as well as parents. Like Archie, Max, Areebah and Mikey said, half of us ‘blew up’. I’m not on that side, but it looks fun.

    We will have more dancing to come, and we are all looking forward to it.

  6. I love that we are taking a step on the wild side by taking on different styles of dance. Mrs Evans is a wonderful teacher and she takes her time to let us get aboard the train of learning. At the moment we are doing a ww1 dance with rythum.

  7. I loved dancing when we were doing it and I really liked to do. I was the graves and I liked the fighting with the music because when you don’t use the music it is just silence and it is not really good with out the music any way I like doing this it is really awesome when I am doing this dance and i am really enjoying doing this dance very much and my favourite thing is the battles because it makes this so beautiful and I love is my reality for really doing this WELL DONE MRS EVENS

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