Year 6 Inter-House Tag-Rugby – a Fabulous Afternoon.

Our first afternoon of inter-house sport… What a fantastic afternoon we had!

All of the Year 6 staff were looking for the following skills this afternoon:

  • Cohesion (team work).
  • Leadership.
  • Fair play (sportsmanship).
  • Aptitude.
  • Passing.
  • Running with the ball.
  • Tactical awareness.
  • Spacial awareness.

If you noticed some of these skills from above with a specific player, please comment what and who 🙂

Or even better, if you noticed any other skill… Comment with what and who!

The Afternoon:

From the word go the staff were astounded by how well everyone managed to organise warm-ups in their teams. One team (the Dragons) even set some drills up and practised. Every team talked tactics, discussed who would play at the start and how systems would run.This all came from no input from the adults! We just watched in amazement.

We played a round-robin to begin with, each team played one another and then we calculated the results, below:

Team W D L F A P
Dragons 3 0 0 12 8 9
Knights 0 1 2 5 9 1
Unicorns 1 1 1 9 10 4
Wizards 1 0 2 10 9 3

Very close on the amount of tries conceded…

Next we had our third-place play-off.

The score was:

Wizards 3 : 2 Knights


Wizards: Thomas C (3)

Knights: William P (2)

The grand final: 

This match went to the wire… It was 4:4 after 10 minutes so extended it to the final try wins. The ball went back and forth, tiredness crept in and errors began to occur. One try scored by the Dragons… But the player went out of play just before scoring, so close! The game ended with a fantastic try from Archie Chorlton.


Dragons: George K (2) Kasey W (1) and Kansi C (1)

Unicorns: Mikey (2), Tianna (1), George B (1) and Archie (1).


Everybody was sensational. Considering many people hadn’t played tag-rugby before, you all picked the rules up quickly and got well stuck in. We had a range of try scorers across the afternoon which is lovely to see. At least fifteen different people scored tries, over a quarter of the children playing! Everybody was tagging and worked brilliantly as a team.

The fair play by everyone was great too. All children participated and managed to regulate substitutes to ensure that everybody got a fair amount of game time.

On Monday we are going to give out more awards for fair play, assists, tagger and for the effort put into the games. As for now, we know that:

Top try-scorer (girl): Joint winners… Kasey Wright and Tianna Makin 

Top try-scorer (boy): Thomas Curry

Well done to literally all  of you… You all participated and tried extremely hard at all times. Have a fabulous weekend, you deserve it!!

Some great action pictures below, thank you to the photographer… Mrs Chisholm. (78 photos in total… Shame all of them couldn’t fit on here!)


IMG_0163 IMG_0164 IMG_0165 IMG_0166 IMG_0167 IMG_0170 IMG_0194 IMG_0206 IMG_0213 IMG_0160



13 thoughts on “Year 6 Inter-House Tag-Rugby – a Fabulous Afternoon.

  1. Agree everyone got stuck in. Mr Prosser was very enthusiastic and has probably lost his voice! Whether they were supporting on the sideline or playing in a game, the children gave it their all. What a fantastic way to end a busy week in year 6. Well done everyone!

    Dzesmina: she worked really good with the rest of the team.
    kasey: was great at leading the team even though she wasn’t captain.
    Courtney: she tried to pass to different people each time she had the ball not just the ”best” players
    lucy: not only did she pass the ball she worked effitiontly

    • part 2

      green: kansi: kansi was good at passing and catching
      blue: jack: jack was great at cheering on


      green: Alicia : she was good at passing because she didn’t hog the ball
      blue: hollie : hollie passed like a pro and only ran with it for a little while


      green: Charlie: Charlie running every where in stead of just forward
      blue: william p: William weaved through the other team really fast

  3. Last Friday, all of year 6 played an epic house tag rugby tournament. The sports leaders got to lead their own house team to victory. Every game the leaders of their house team had to substitute everyone so they got a go at playing within the tournament. Every person who played had good sportsmanship and played very fairly. The best sportsman/sportswoman was probably Kasey from the dragons, Mikey from the unicorns, Parris from the knights and Max from the wizards.

  4. While we were doing our inter house rugby we did these things without even noticing that we were using these skills:
    â—¾Cohesion (team work).
    â—¾Fair play (sportsmanship).
    â—¾Running with the ball.
    â—¾Tactical awareness.
    â—¾Spacial awareness.

    I thought that Will w was the best because he was playing like a BOSS! I also liked him cause he was playing fairly and he passed a lot and made subs to others so that they could play

    Made by max

    I think that everyone was playing at there very best that day! I think that Will P,
    Max S, Thomas C and Charlie L. Good game everyone GG!! 😀

  5. on Friday we played tag rugby we all used sportsman ship and collaborative team work and the people who won was the unicorns in 2nd place was dragons in 3rd was the wizards and in last place was the knights. Archie was the caption
    of the unicorn, Thomas was caption in wizards, George K was caption in the dragons and Lilly J was the caption of the knights.

  6. Hi Mandela Class

    It’s great to read this and see how much you enjoyed the Rugby tournament.

    Well done everyone and thanks for sharing your experiences with us all.

    Mr Rees

    • Thank you Mr Rees. Our next inter-house competition is football and will be taking place sometime in December. Definitely recommend coming along!

      Mr Prosser.

  7. I really liked doing this and I really thought that dezesmina was really good because she was passing to people and being a good at doing sports
    in the blue knights and she is really good at doing this very dezesmina she is always trying to do it and she is trying hard and she is out of breath but she is having a go she is very good WELLDONE DZESMINA

  8. Here are my top players come to think of it soo here they Are:
    I think lily C as she got hurt and played on was a great leader when it came to the defensive line!
    Also Parris L because when she had the ball it was hers and you’d have to take it off her!
    Plus George K as he passed and had excellent sports man ship also he made it fair so that everyone in green would equally play off and play!
    Last but defiantly not least Tianna as she scored so many tries and gave it her best effort!
    But I just want to say it was properly the greatest 2 hours of school ever bye! Lucy

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