World War 1 Facts About the Battle of the Somme

During the battle of the Somme the Lochnagar Crater was created by the 179th tunneling company royal engineers. They put 1000 dynamite in the tunnel and blew the tunnel up which formed the crater that we can see today! It exploded at 0728. When it exploded it was the loudest bang at the time in history and was known to be heard from London! 0 people died from the explosion but some people died tunneling to it! The digging of the tunnel for the Lochnagar mine started on 11 November 1915 by 185 Tunnelling Company, but was completed by 179 Tunnelling Company who took over in March 1916…. This link gives you extra information.


The body of George Nugent, a World War 1 soldier, was discovered on 31st October 1998 by Mr Drage. He was walking around the crater and saw the remains of a body within the chalk on the floor. The remains consisted of a human skeleton, the skulll of which was broken. Various items of army kit were found with the remains including a rifle, bullets and water bottle, as well as personal items, including a pipe mouthpiece, a silver pen holder and a folding cut throat razor. It was the razor that held the key to identifying the remains.


The Somme:

The battle of the Somme was the first time a tank was used. This tank only moved at 3km per hour and it couldn’t move very well.

The battle was fought around the River Somme, hence the name. The battle lasted from July 1st 1916 and ended in November 18th 1916 on the banks of the Somme. Bodies are still being found from the war, even after 96 years! Some military dead have found undiscovered.

It was one of the bloodiest battles of the war and of all time. An estimated 1,000,000 troops were killed or injured. Including about 485,000 British and French troops. Therefore, it was one of the most well known battles of the World War 1.  For five days before the battle the British army had shot relentlessly at the German trenches to remove the barbed wire and to cave the trenches in.

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  1. In class I wanted to list the countries in each of the empires( for the blog ). Unfortunately I there was not enough time. So, I will do it as a comment instead! 🙂

    10 different groups fought for the British Empire:
    1. Australia
    2. Bermuda
    3. Canada
    4. India
    5. Newfoundland
    6. New Zealand
    7. South Africa
    8. Southern Rhodesia
    9. The UK
    10. (and finally) France

    However, only 5 groups fought for the German empire:
    A. Baden
    B. Bavaria
    C. Prussia
    D. Saxony
    E. Württemberg

    I hope you enjoyed my facts as well as the ones above. Thank you for reading     

  2. Alexandra and Areebah
    facts about the battle of Somme:
    1.The battle of Somme started in the July the 1st 1916 and ended in 18th November 1916.
    2.It was one of the most bloodiest battles of the war, or of any war before or since. An estimated 1,000,000 men were killed or wounded including about 485,000 British and french troops.
    3. The intent of the British was to attack and take control of a 24 km stretch of the river Somme
    4.Before the battle started the British fired over 1.700.000 at the German soldiers. .

    The Brithish planned to invade 24 kilometeres( 15 mile).The Batte of the Somme lasted from 1914-1916 . The British planted over 1000 explosives of dynamite under the surface of the German trenches , but the Germans heard the Brithish digging . When set off it made the biggest bang in history . It was heard all the way up to London . It made a massive crator . There was a soilder with the name of George nugtent lying dead next to the crator locknagar.

  4. The battle of the Somme was one of the most well – known battles of WW1.
    It was also one of the bloodiest battles of any war before or since. an estimated 1000000 men were killed including about 485000 British and English troupes.ththe rintent of the british troops wasto attack and take controll of 24 metres of the river somme

  5. Here are some facts about the battle of the Somme:
    All of the soldiers in the trenches had to contend with lots of different celebrations that concerned the enemy fleet, for instance like Christmas when both sides were celebrating it and the two sides played a friendly game of football against each other to celebrate this special time.After the football match had been played it was very hard to forget the friendships you had with people that you might kill the next day.So, you see it was very hard but an English officer arranged with a German officer to organize a secret truce, where believe it or not they might even be friends.Some soldiers had to still fire of fight during Christmas which was a very sad time for them when they could have been celebrating the joy of a sing a long.Also to celebrate the life of soldiers that had died and to show that they respect for each side they buried the British and German soldiers side by side in rows which was a nice touch (I think anyway).Now going on to presents they received! Since they couldn’t give each other clothes or bags or guns or bullets instead they gave food as a gift which brought happiness to their dull lives they lived.The British gave chocolate in return for some German coleslaw type sauce.Each side had got a present for that special time at the end of the year!
    Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂 😉 🙂 😉

    • Thank you for your efforts on this. I went to a local history group today and they were talking about your school and how good it is. My Grandfather fought World War 1 at a battle called YPRES. I have heard of the battle of the Somme but your account made it very interesting Thank you.

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