In literacy we are currently looking at flashbacks and how authors use them effectively to increase the quality of writing.

How do you think an author would introduce the flashback we saw in Ratatouille? Try writing an example. Think about all of the changes in the character’s expression, the flashback trigger and why it is important to the reader.

We also looked at a great series of flashbacks from Kung Fu Panda. This is more difficult to write about as it goes back and forth from present to past tense. However, due to the fantastic settings we can see, when written it would show some fantastic information to the reader. How do you think an author would introduce this flashback? How would the author manage to go back and forth between the two time zones?



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  1. MH and LH

    1) A flashback is when you touch ,see ,smell ,hear and taste . It also brings back memories . its a good tool to use within your writing because say you had a character 20 years old and him or her tasted or smelt or touched or heard it would bring back memories and it might of been something really important and it explains that it was like something when he or her was younger.

    2) i would bring the flashback like when remi gets wet it reminds him of at the begin f the film and got left behind and took him ages to find his family.

  2. You eat or smell the same thing when you was a child or a teenager.
    EK= When my mum put her perfume on it smelt like roses. when I went to my nursery I smelt the same smell that my mum wore.
    RB= Yesterday when the music man tout us I’m a believer I remembered when I did a performance in year 3 with that song. And when I hear king Henry the 8th it reminds me when I was the king in soul grave manor the trip in year 5.
    We thought something happened to his mother because it would of had him just tasting it but his mother was in it to. Maybe when he tasted the food in the restaurant as fast as lighting he remembered he tried it when he was in his childhood. In an old kitchen lived a lovely woman with brown hair and blue eyes. she making ratatouille for her son, her son rushed and he tried the ratatouille and he had a large smile on his facs

  3. 1) A flashback is when you remember and visualise (in your head) a moment in the past. You may also eat or go somewhere to trigger the flashback.
    Picking up my silver fork, I inserted it into the ratatouille on my plate. at the ratatouille

  4. A flash back is where a person gets one of the 5 senses and it reminds them of something that was similar to what happened in the present
    As I took my first bite of ratatouille, it reminded me of when I was a little boy and I had it and it tasted the same as what my mum gave some ratatouille it tasted exactly the same as when my mum gave me.

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