07/11/14 Key Skills


Many of us at the moment have connectives as our writing targets. This is either to extend information, because we are using lots of “ands”, to develop contrasting opinions or just to show some reasoning. Therefore, this weeks key skills is all about connectives. You each had a sheet that asked you to create a wordsearch…



If you have lost the grid, you can find one here. 



This week in numeracy we have been looking a lot at place value and decimal numbers. We have cracked adding and subtracting them and also ordering decimal numbers. A big well done to all of you for your hard work!

To consolidate your learning, you each received a double-sided sheet with a variety of place value questions taken from various tests.

Don’t worry… This week’s numeracy key skills is definitely possible 🙂


Have a fantastic weekend! Thank you and well done for all of your hard work during our first week back. 



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