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  1. Because it helps us to learn properly and get better.
    Yes when we use our knowledge and even in sport.
    Everyone makes mistakes but you can get better at them by teaching them more off it.
    I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying

  2. failure is a big part of life because if you do something wrong you learn from your mistakes. If you get everything write you wouldn’t learn very well. when I was younger I could not ride my bike and that was when I was 9(Ricardo)
    when I was 4 I could swim.

  3. Q.1 : Failure is important in life because then you can try and try again and the you get the hang of it .
    Q .2 : Maisy : I’ve used failure in my life when I started to ride my bike with no stabilizers .When I started to ride I fell of my bike but then I got back up and got on my bike again .
    Eliza : I failed at drawing a soldier for our world war 1 homework but then I got another bit of paper and done it again then I crept on trying and trying .
    Q .3 : Maisy :My sister charley failed at doing her homework because she put the answer 43 and it was 34 .
    Eliza : my sister tried out my electric scooter that goes 24 miles per hour and then she crept putting her foot on the floor because she got to scared and she wanted to come off . So she came of the scooter and tried again ,again and again until she got the hang of it .
    Q .4 : success is not final , failure is not fatal : it is the courage to continue that counts .

  4. Failure

    If you fail it is useally your first time. Failure is a good thing because you can learn from your mistakes. If you fail don’t give up and keep trying again , because nothing is impossible . If you get it the first time and you don’t the second it is probably because you forgotten how to do it .
    When Max and Areebah first got on there bikes we fell off . Apparently Mikey fails at some of his maths question but he remembers to not do that answer again.

  5. The message that the advert conveys to us is that sometimes you have to fight your friends. Also you can sing a song to your enemies, even if its war; they will no longer be your enemies. They will be your friends. You can share your own family to your friends that you have just made by singing Christmas carols. The event that this advert is set around is WW1. This event is special because it got filmed when it was Christmas and the soldiers had a football match, shared suveniers and food. That’s why it’s WW1 and not WW2. The soldiers would have felt curious because you never know that when you meet someone new, they might be mean and horrible or they might be very kind and caring.On the other hand, the soldiers that went over the top would of felt horrible and terrified because their christmas present might have been death.

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