Children in Need/End of the Week

A great afternoon to end a brilliant week! So many adjectives about this week, but it really has been a fantastic week. 

This week we have used so many different skills, pushed ourselves to the limit, performed, explained, learnt and done it all with a fantastic smile! As we said in class, most of us definitely need a well deserved rest this weekend.

Everybody in Mandela class made some sort of effort today – were we the only class of full dressed-up children? Possibly. Well done for:

  • All of the challenges you have done.
  • Dressing up so well.
  • Great involvement with the afternoon.

Also, a big thank you to the Year 5 team for running Children in Need today – in total we raised roughly £1200 – sensational! Official amount to be confirmed. 

The class looking great in all of their costumes! Again, great effort by all.

photo 2

photo 1

Our three Supermen looking great! Top poses also.

photo 1 (2)


photo 2 (2)



Have a fabulous weekend!

4 thoughts on “Children in Need/End of the Week

  1. It was really good today we also raised lots of money we were really good super heroes and i was a cat women in school we were doing literacy we were describing the character and i was describing as i am a cat we did that we had to swap books after when we had to read it and pick out good information when we finish we had to go to the assembly and when we got there we sat down and we saw that the teachers were doing challenges and who made the pants really good there are the winner and they had to choose what are the teachers are going to do and one person said that some of the teachers had to bounce threw the hall.the over person said who will dance the funnies it was really fun as well the last one was that they had to climb to the top and it was really fun as well.

  2. POW! A super day! My day started with a meeting led by Robin, followed with maths taught by Batman, literacy with Mrs Incredible and PE with Zoro the footballer. It ended in an assembly packed with superheroes/ heroines and some amusing challenges. Zoro, aka Mr Prosser, climbed a rope and he was faster than a speeding bullet! Did you complete a challenge? Here’s another challenge for you, what did your parents do to raise money for children in need? Your challenge is to get them to post a comment here on the Mandela blog telling us all about it.

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