Christmas Truce – Sainsbury’s Advert

During our year group assembly on Thursday, we watched Sainsbury’s Christmas advert for this year. Some of us had already seen it and were very enthusiastic about it. Most of the year commented on the advert – it is brilliant, very moving.

What message does the advert convey to us?

What event is the advert based around?

6 thoughts on “Christmas Truce – Sainsbury’s Advert

  1. The message that the advert conveys to us is that sometimes you have to fight your friends. Also you can sing a song to your enemies, even if its war; they will no longer be your enemies. They will be your friends. You can share your own family to your friends that you have just made by singing Christmas carols. The event that this advert is set around is WW1. This event is special because it got filmed when it was Christmas and the soldiers had a football match, shared suveniers and food. That’s why it’s WW1 and not WW2. The soldiers would have felt curious because you never know that when you meet someone new, they might be mean and horrible or they might be very kind and caring.On the other hand, the soldiers that went over the top would of felt horrible and terrified because their christmas present might have been death.

  2. GB,GM AND LG.

    1) That every body should share never fight.

    2) WW1 when somebody climbed over put his hands up and started to play football. Because its about WW1 100 yrs ago. Happy that they were able to stop fighting and played football.

    3) Because 100 yrs ago WW1 was going on and soldiers risked there lives for us.

    4) Its not, because its making us remember the brave soldiers who risked there lives for us!

  3. 1.) It conveys that you don’t always have to fight and you can fix it with peace and freindship like that video told us, as well as the courge to go over the trench and surrender to make peace as a present for christmas
    2.) The advert was based on the great war (WW1) at christmas time.It would bring happines all around both of the sides.The event was so speacail because someone brought up the courage and went up and over the trench to surrender for that speacail day. If he did’t do that the world would be diffent.I think that soilders felt ralvied that one of there comrdaes went up and surrenderd!
    3.) It is effitive because they used in a emotniall way!

  4. LH,RB

    Even though they are enemy’s doesn’t mean they cant come up and make friends at Christmas. They didn’t know if the Germans were nice or not.

    The message is about ww1 and it said that you should share on Christmas and like each other .

    I think the two Germans that stood up and grew up. At the time i bet they was extremely scared.

    It makes it effective because its nice that a German soldier and an English risked their life for Christmas. Its nice that only them two soldier shared at Christmas time.One minuet ago they was shooting each other no matter what, now there hugging.

    I think its nice that they have done a advert about what really happened in the war one , but i do think its a little bit disrespectful because you could do lots of adverts about sharing.

  5. 1 ) To donate money to the red cross for those who fort for us in world war 1 .
    2) This event is based on christmas eve then it turns to christmas day .The event is so special because Jim went out to stop the war and then Jim met Oto and then they went to play football and they had a good time.They would feel joyful , contence , happy , exited .
    3 ) When they started to sing silent night on christmas eve . The man came around with the post and he got a letter from his wife and he got a chocolate bar from his wife because he might of not ate anything .Then Jim walked out onto the battle field and then all the british soldiers walked out with him and all the german soldiers walked out with Oto and then they all made friends and enjoyed a nice game of football before they went back into the trenches
    4 ) It’s not direspectful because they just want to donate money and they will send the money to the red cross for those who lost their lifes for us .

  6. I think it is trying to tell you about the magic of Christmas. Although they had been shooting at each other for about half a month, they still got together, exchanged gifts and played the first game of football. In conclusion, I think the advertisers are just trying to tell you, get together and enjoy Christmas whilst it lasts. The only part I do not understand Is the fact that the following day they carried on shooting and could have killed their new friends. Also, next Christmas, they shot anyone who tried to do this.
    Where had the Christmas spirit gone?

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