Tag Rugby Success!

This afternoon/evening we had a tag rugby tournament at The Duston School. 15 schools played and it began with the group-stages.

In our group we had: Lyncrest, Millway and Rectory Farm.

Millway, the first game. Last year Millway beat us in the final of the same event, so we knew how good they were! We fought well and went on to win in the end. A very difficult start.

Rectory Farm, the second game. After watching Rectory Farm fall to Lyncrest, we felt a bit more confident. We scored a few early tries and went on to win 7-3.

Lyncrest, our final game. Coming into this match we knew that if we won, or even drew, we were through to the semi-finals (Millway beat Lyncrest!). We had our eyes set on victory! After a grueling ten minutes, we were relieved to hear the final whistle. 4-4 draw. A very well deserved draw. The work effort from every single member of the team from the start to the end was sensational.

Onto the semi-finals… 

As we sat in our rows receiving information on who was through, Kings Heath whispered to us that they hadn’t yet conceded a try! Our team gulped. Just our luck, the organisers announced we were to play Kings Heath.

We could see why they hadn’t yet conceded a try, a very well organised team with some brilliant rugby players. We battled back and forth, errors crept in from both sides and we did well to stay in the game. The final whistle blew. Once again, a 4-4 draw. The referee announced that we would have a final two minutes to play to decide who would be through to the final. The crowd was shaking… Mr Prosser nearly fainted! We battled on and on. A try! We played a final minute whilst 5-4 ahead, and then the whistle went; we were through to the final.

The final…

We faced All Saints in the final – a team we had no clue about. We went 1-0 down within the first minute and it looked bleak from the sidelines. The children didn’t feel like this and they attacked back at the opposition. Try after try. We battled on, runs from every player in the team, tags from every player in the team. Ensuring that we went on to win! The game ended… 5-3? 6-3? 5-4? It doesn’t matter… We were crowned winners!

A big thank you to the all of the parents that came on and supported our team – once again, definitely the most supported team there!

An even bigger thank you to the twelve superstars that played their hearts out today. Every single person contributed massively. At least half of you scored a try, all of you tagged someone, you all supported each other, you played as a team, You gave up an evening and you are no doubt very tired now.

The team:

  • Michael Richey – Mr Sportsmanship. Confessed to the referee when he made an error, fantastic moment… Referee hadn’t even noticed!
  • Parris Levy – getting that interception in our semi-final, ensured we didn’t lose! Without that interception, who knows what would have happened.
  • Tyla Pritchard – great vocals from Tyla… At times controversial, the poor referees.. but great running and tagging when needed! Always looking to take the team forward.
  • Dzesmina Vizgaudyte – running like a steam-train (a quick one), lots of vital runs gaining us many metres. You wouldn’t want Dzesmina running at you!
  • Julia Januszewska – enthusing the team forward, pushing forward constantly, a newcomer to the game… Looks like she’s been tag-rugbying for years!
  • George Beezhold – superb running from George. Pulled up to the team with small experience, brilliant.
  • George Kennedy – running like a gazelle, hopping between players. How many players did you make look silly?
  • Thomas Curry – the miniature rhino, powering forward, ducking, diving… Scoring literally when he wanted.
  • William Wright – diving everywhere, putting his body on the line to ensure his team got that tag!
  • William Pickering – most confident player at the tournament, running, tagging and leading with great tenacity.
  • Archie Chorlton – analysing his defending when needed, talking to his team-mates and looking for that pass!
  • Kasey Wright (C) – brilliant ability to read the game. Always in the space, always looking to gain an advantage. Leading the team with extreme confidence. Captain by name, captain by nature!

The main reason we won: we were a team. We didn’t rely on one person; we all put in the effort required (and more).

You’ve made your school and your parents very proud.

A very big thank you to all of you for that massive amount of effort.



The team before the tournament!

photo 3

Players – what was your favourite moment of the tournament? Who did you think played well?

Parents – who stood out for you? Why? 


Mr Prosser and Miss Bland. 

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