Good Luck Strictly Dancers!

Although we won’t be there to watch you, we will be thinking of you and hope you do very well! You all deserve to do fantastically; you have put in a massive amount of effort!

Good luck,

Mr Prosser, Mrs Rosevear, Mrs de Board, Mrs Chisholm and Mrs Price.Ā Strictly


8 thoughts on “Good Luck Strictly Dancers!

  1. From my own experience… it was unbelievably epic! Everybody was ready and eager to start! I really enjoyed how we danced, we were all in sync, all postured throughout the dance and SMILING!!! It was really hard to dance without a partner…

    šŸ™‚ I hope the teachers enjoyed our FINALS competition!

    • Yes Alina the teachers did enjoy your dance. We cheered loudly and cried tears of happiness and pride. You looked and danced fabulously and we were all impressed with how expertly you danced without a partner! Great job, well done.

  2. Well done to everybody in the strictly competion,so sad you came second but that is still awesome! Keep up the good work and just enjoy it!

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