Key Skills 21.11.14


Last week we set key skills that was researching our chosen person (celebrity, friend or member of family for example).

Some people completed it extremely quickly with not a lot of information. This weekend, you need to look at adding extra information that will aid your writing of the biographies next week.

We came up with some questions to guide our research:

What was their inspiration for taking up their job, if there was one?

Did they always want to do their job?

Who inspired them before they became famous?

What is/was their family like?

How old were they when they had their first job?

Are they a nice person?

Do they have a nickname?

What was his/her childhood like?

Where was he/she born?

These questions don’t all need to be answered – they are more just to focus your research if you are stuck with specific things to look for.

We have been looking at rounding a lot over the last two days in maths. Therefore, you each had a sheet that combined both rounding numbers and also some written addition calculations.


DVD £13.89 
Single CD £11.98 
Double CD £14.32 
T-shirt £18.99 
Poster £3.18 
MP3 Player £38.47 


Part 1
By rounding each price to the nearest pound (£) work estimate the cost of:
1) 1 DVD and 1 Single CD2) 2 Posters and 1 T-shirt

3) 3 Double CDs and an MP3 player.

4) 1 Single CD and 2 Double CDs

5) 1 Poster, 1 MP3 Player and 1 T-shirt

6) 3 DVDs

7) 5 T-shirts and an MP3 Player

8) 1 Poster, 1 MP3 Player and 2 T-shirts

9) 2 MP3 players

10) 1 Double CD,  1 Single CD and 2 DVDs.

Part 2
Using written methods, calculate the actual answers to all of part 1.
Part 3
Colin has a £20 note; list all the possible combinations of things that he could buy.  E.g 1 DVD and 1 Poster


5 thoughts on “Key Skills 21.11.14

  1. Lady Gaga

    She was born 28th March 1986 in Yonkers, New York and her mothers name is Cynthia also his fathers name is Joseph Germanotta. Her really name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Lady Gaga is the oldest out of two sibling. She has ten tattos 😮 She wrote songs for other artists until being discovered by R&B singer Akon.
    Her first song was called Just dance from her album called The fame. The impact of being bullied at school inspired her with her first song. As she likes her job so much she might just keep it for a long time but it depends on how well it goes. Madonna inspired her to sing even-though her childhood she felt like she didn’t fit in and like she was a total freak. Her first job was a waitress what she got when she was 15 years old to get some money so she could wacht jazz downtown. Gaga is her nickname and Gaga thinks her best song is Born this way. Not because she thinks it is but I also think it is the best song because it tells you to love your self for who you are and don’t let people change who you are. Just like she says you was born this way.

  2. Nelson Mandela.

    Became first black president os South Africa.
    President since 1994 untill 1999.
    Won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.
    Born on 18 July 1918.
    Born in Mveso,Transkei, South Africa.
    Joined the African National Congress in 1942.
    For 20 years directed a Campaign of peaceful, Nonviolent Defiance against the South African Goverment and its Rasist policies.
    In 1994, Mandela was inaugurated as South Africa’s first black president.
    In 2009, His Birthday was promoted Mandela day.
    Mandela died at his home in Johannesburg on December 5 2013 at the age of 95.
    Real Name was Rolihlala Mandela.
    Born in the tiny village of Mvezo.
    “Rolihlahla” in the Xhosa language literally means “pulling the branch of a tree,” but more commonly translates as “troublemaker.”
    His father was a Chief.
    Mandela was Baptized in the Methodist Church.
    He went on to become the first in his family to attend school.
    Mandela’s teacher told him that his new first name would be Nelson.
    When mandela wa 9, his father died of lung disease.
    He was adopted by Chief Jongintaba Dalindyebo.

  3. Charles Dickens:
    Full name- Charles John Huffam Dickens
    Born- 1812, 7th February
    Died- on Wednesday, fell under stroke the died! 🙁
    Children- Lodes of children
    Siblings- 8 siblings, 6 survived into adult hood!

  4. My Granddad:

    He was born Kashmir and died in Lahore. He was a very nice person he loved me and everyone in my family. He us to be in The Pakistan army, he us to fight on his feet. He
    was very brave, he was my lucky charm. He inspired me with his rave skills and his kindness. His dream was to join the army. He went to a school in Kashmir and he went to a
    army secondary school. His dream came true and from that day forward he was so lucky that his dream came true. After he died I said I will never forget him, he will always be in my heart.

  5. George k and George B beacause they spent We all liked all of our key skills but the ones that stood out to me were Alexandra’s, more time and effort into there work. L.M
    I liked Selin’s because she put on the front, “I don’t know much” but she wrote twenty pages. M.S

    I liked Eliza’s because she diden’t do some one famous she did her grandad and he died on 2013. M.R.
    I liked Hannah’s because I liked her painting and they were really good A.A

    They were all good because you could tell how much they tried .

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