Interhouse Football

A brilliant afternoon once again!

The condition of the pitch was not ideal but the children ignored it and fought on through to produce some brilliant high quality football.

My highlights:

Dzesmina saving in the third place play-off.

Max’s goal in the final.

Mikey diving to get the ball ahead of Thomas.

Dan’s backpost smash to win the game.

Tilli’s goal.

Eliza’s last ditch defending.

William P’s fantastic slide tackling stopping anything.

Chopper stopping anything in her way to get that ball. (Lily J).

The team spirit from everyone…

Countless highlights from me! What were your highlights?

We began with each team sorting out a warm-up, doing tactics and practising ready for the competition to start.

First game:

Wizards 2:0 Knights

Tilli Warren and Thomas Curry.

Unicorns 1:0 Dragons

Evie Gribben.

Second game:

Wizards 0:1 Unicorns

Archie Chorlton

Dragons 1:0 Knights

Own goal

Third game:

Wizards 1:0 Dragons

Daniil Thompson

Unicorns 3:0 Knights

George B x2 and Archie Chorlton

These results left the third place play-off to be between the Knights and the Dragons, and the final to be between the Unicorns and the Wizards.

Third Place Play-off:

Courtney Davies scored a volley from a William Pickering shot that hit the post. Liam Mooney did fantastically to push the ball onto the post but Courtney did just better to get a toe to it! At the other end, Dzesmina played superbly to prevent the goals going in, a last-minute save particularly rememerable… A very close game.

Knights 1:0 Dragons

Courtney Davies.

The Final:

The Unicorns vs. the Wizards… The wizards took a very early lead through Thomas Curry and added to the lead moments later with a goal from Max Smith. Max scored possibly the goal of the tournament, as Thomas Curry fed him through with a superbly weighted through ball, first touch shot from Max straight into the bottom corner!

The remainder of the game saw Archie and George B rallying their team forward. Mikey Richey became a fabulous goalkeeper and saved a few closely. Archie Chorlton clawed a goal back but the game ended 2-1. The only game to end a score-draw!

Unicorns 1:2 Wizards

Archie Chorlton.      Max Smith and Thomas Curry.

Well done to everyone who got stuck in! Certainly looking forward to our next interhouse competition.

A great way to end the term. 

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Christmas and Key Skills

Merry Christmas first of all! 

We have had a brilliant day today. I especially enjoyed Lauren Cox’s brilliant performance on the keyboard… Blown away!

Have a wonderful couple of weeks. Enjoy your time singing, dancing, eating and having a brilliant time with those close to you. I look forward to the new term and hope it is just as good as this one has been!


photo 3

Getting into the Christmas spirit… Happy birthday Parris!

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Literacy key skills:

This was a double sided SPaG sheet, rehearsing and consoidating things that we have looked at this year.

Numeracy key skills:

Maths Key Skills – Mr Prosser

Merry Christmas!

Your key skills over the festive period is broken up into four clear sections. All of the topics are ones we have covered this term, a bit of consolidation! Not much room for working out on here – complete it in your key skills book. Remember, be smart with organising your time to complete your work! Some of the questions do require extra thinking…

Section 1: Fractions

  • 5/7 of 210 =
  • 9/20 of 120 =
  • 3/5 of 40 =
  • Colin received fourteen presents on Christmas Day, he also had one on Christmas Eve. He liked 4/5 of his presents. How many presents did he not like?

Section 2: Methods for Four Operations

  • 318 ÷ 18 =
  • 9189 ÷ 3 =
  • 66 x 28 =
  • 418 x 14 =
  • 2 + 18.41 =
  • 22 + 78 =
  • 11 – 48 =
  • 33 – 30.27 =

Section 3: Area and Perimeter

  • If a rectangle has an area of 100cm2 what could its length and width be? Come up with 4 possibilities.
  • If a shape has a perimeter of 16cm, what could its area be?
  • Draw a shape that has the same perimeter as area.
  • Area of shape below:

 Section 4: Mean, Median and Mode

A set of 5 numbers added together make 20. If the median and mode are both 3, what could the numbers be? Come up with at least two possibilities.

We haven’t done mean, median and mode in a while. Will require some thinking!


Thank You Year Six

The Christmas Fayre was a huge success! Partly due to the wonderful help of year six. Many of you manned stalls, some helped tidy up at 5pm and others set up in the afternoon. Whatever part you played in the Christmas Fayre, thank you very much 🙂

Have a brilliant weekend and merry Christmas!



Key Skills 05/12/14

Last week’s key skills was completed to an extremely high standard. Is it possible to be beaten? We had creativity beyond belief – special mention to Lily, Lauren and Matthew submitting theirs through an envelope. Simple yet the extra thoughts are great.

This weeks key skills: 


We have been looking at fractions recently… Therefore this week, consolidating fractions of amounts! It won’t paste in too well… Here’s a snip of what it was!



Recently we have done a lot of work on sentence structures and clauses. Therefore, for key skills this week, you need to create a poster or an information sheet that shows on it what the following are:

  • Complex sentence.
  • Compound sentence.
  • Simple sentence.
  • Main clause.
  • Subordinate clause.
  • Embedded clause.
  • Short sentence.

The best way to show it will be through examples that tell the reader precisely how they work. How you present it is entirely up to you, just ensure that you have explained to the reader all of the above.

Going the Extra Mile:

Put together a paragraph that uses the traffic light system and has a wide variety of all of the sentences.

The End of Our World War One Topic

Over the past eight weeks we have been studying World War One. It slotted perfectly in with the centurion anniversary of the beginning of the war and came just after our visits to battlefields and memorials in France. During the topic, we carried out a Remembrance Day assembly where every child was fantastic, some children danced at The Castle theater in Wellingborough and we have created an array of fantastic work. A brillant topic!

What have we learnt?