The End of Our World War One Topic

Over the past eight weeks we have been studying World War One. It slotted perfectly in with the centurion anniversary of the beginning of the war and came just after our visits to battlefields and memorials in France. During the topic, we carried out a Remembrance Day assembly where every child was fantastic, some children danced at The Castle theater in Wellingborough and we have created an array of fantastic work. A brillant topic!

What have we learnt?

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  1. If solders wanted to send a letter home and put their address in it , it would get blanked out so no one could get to them.

    When they woke up they would often find a rat nibbling their nose.

    They often had a horribly disgusting illness trench-foot and trench-mouth they would have broken teeth, disgusting breath and when they would of had trench foot their feet would stink a sweaty smell and get swollen! ( gruesome and gory.)

    At Christmas the two sides had a football game and exchanged food and souvenirs.

    George Nugent was four near the locknagar crater in France.

    In Paris there is a big memorial called the memorial of the missing.

    In the trenches they used duck boards because it would get VERY muddy and wet down there.

    Their food was rationed

  2. Archie:
    I learnt that in WW1 the Germans and British had a football match. Also, they charged over the top of the trench, instead of shooting from the trench. They went to the toilet in the ground, in the trench. On the end of most guns were beignets.

    I’ve learnt that the war ended on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 at on the 11th hour. As well as that, I’ve learnt that the war started; an Austrian man was killed by a Bosnian man in Serbia (Archduke Franz Ferdinand).

  3. GM and LG
    What we have learnt:
    How the war started in ww1.
    The war started by an Austrian got killed by a Bosnian person in Serbia.
    What they did at Christmas.
    At Christmas the Germans and the English played football then when the game
    was over they went back to their trenches and got prepared for the battle.

  4. William:

    The end of WW1 happened when the Russian army backed out of the war. Which meant that the English were pushed back! Then Americans joined the English, with America they pushed forward. Then the Germans got out numbered and surrendered. Then they signed a treaty

    Matthew & George:

    The war started because a Austrian went to Bosnia and shot a Serbian and also the German navy where jealous of the English navy.

  5. By Maisy , Eliza and Lauren .H

    France 🙂
    When we went to the museum there was different types of weapons for the Germans and the British. There was different amour and there was statues that showed us what was happening. We also went to the crater where there was reefs of poppies at the bottom of the crater. When we had walked round there was a gold plate that told us when George Nugent died and when he was born. On the wooden steps there was gold plates that had names on who fought for us in the First World War. There was trenches that told us what was happening and what they were doing. We also saw some battle fields when we were going to some places.

  6. In WW1 at Christmas they played football. WW1 started because a Austrian went to Bosnia and shot an Serbian and also the German navy where jealous.

    Neely when WW1 ended the Russians backed out from the British army and then the Americans joined and then the Germans became out-numbered so there leader shined a contract that they surrender so the British won WW1. On the 6th hour 11th day 11th month in 1918 the great world war ended. In world war one most the times when they wake up the often find a cat size rat nibbling on there eyes if they were open or they would nibble there noses and there body’s. They had an hours time to write there letters if there don’t make it home and they wrote there letters before they went over the top in WW1.

  7. WW1:
    On Christmas in WW1, a football game was played in No mans land (the area between the German and British trenches and German and British soldiers exchanged food and souvenirs.

    The world war ended because the Russian army decided to not be in the war so america joined the English army and Germans were out numbered then they signed a paper saying they wouldn’t be in the war at the 6th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

    The War started because an Austrian went to Bosnia and shot a Serbian which was franc Ferdinand.
    By Alexandra and Areebah

  8. on Christmas a football match was played in no mans land (the area between German and British trenches) WW1 started with a man ( from Australia ) went to Bosnia and killed a Sorbian. Also in France we went to museum which was underground, like a trench. the war ended on the 11th day of the 11th month of the eleventh hour 1918. in the trenches sometimes when the soldiers woke up there would a rat nibbling on their nose.

  9. The end of the war:

    The war ended for these reasons. First the Russians left the English army, so the Germans were left in a strong position. After that, the German navy went on strike and refused to carry on fighting. Germany was getting weaker and weaker. If that wasn’t enough, the US joined the English army with new and fitter soldiers. Eventually Germany’s leader quit and the war could not be won.
    The war ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day on the 11th month of 1918. As the war ended there was lots of big celebrations, for the English had won. The day after the war ended, there was a big parade in London and people were on top of buses waving the English flags. Soldiers were reunited with there family and the ‘great war’ had finally ended!

  10. We have learnt:
    The end of the great war was a gruesome and terrible but glorious time! One of the reasons the war ended was because one of the leaders ,Kaiser Wilhelm, of the German army, quit their job and the German navy went on strike! There was also another very important point to be raised… a document was signed saying to end the fighting and agree on peace between the countries. Also, with Germany outnumbered ; The Triple Alliance had been damaged but they still stayed strong and pronounced.

  11. On Christmas day the soldiers from both sides played a football match in no mans land. the war started by an Austrian went to Bosnia and killed a Sorbian. when we went to France we went to a museum that was underground, like a trench. on our amazing trip to France we went to a colossal crater and on the other side of the crater there was a mans/soldiers grave ( George Nugent ) and he was a man that was found almost 100 years after the war.

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