Key Skills 05/12/14

Last week’s key skills was completed to an extremely high standard. Is it possible to be beaten? We had creativity beyond belief – special mention to Lily, Lauren and Matthew submitting theirs through an envelope. Simple yet the extra thoughts are great.

This weeks key skills: 


We have been looking at fractions recently… Therefore this week, consolidating fractions of amounts! It won’t paste in too well… Here’s a snip of what it was!



Recently we have done a lot of work on sentence structures and clauses. Therefore, for key skills this week, you need to create a poster or an information sheet that shows on it what the following are:

  • Complex sentence.
  • Compound sentence.
  • Simple sentence.
  • Main clause.
  • Subordinate clause.
  • Embedded clause.
  • Short sentence.

The best way to show it will be through examples that tell the reader precisely how they work. How you present it is entirely up to you, just ensure that you have explained to the reader all of the above.

Going the Extra Mile:

Put together a paragraph that uses the traffic light system and has a wide variety of all of the sentences.

2 thoughts on “Key Skills 05/12/14

  1. Complex sentence

    A complex clause is where you start a sentence with a connective E.G because of the rain I was not allowed to play with my friends.

    Simple sentence

    A simple sentence is where you have a normal sentence with no connective within that text E.G the cat sat on the mat.

    Compound sentence

    A compound sentence is where you have two clauses put into one big sentence. Also you split that sentence with a comma. E.G I went to watch a football match, my mum went Christmas shopping. I will explain what the two clauses are called later on.

    Main clause
    A main clause is where you have a compound sentence with two clauses and one of them clauses make scence on there own I will explain the other clause next.

    Sub-ordinate clause

    A sub-ordinate clause is the other sentenc of the compound sentence and that sub-ordinate clause that does not make sence on its own

    Embedded clause
    An embedded clause is extra infomation that you put into the clause E.G the cat sat on the mat then it would change to the ginger cat sat on the mat. See if you can have a go at seening what the embedded clause is in that sentence.

    Short sentence

    A short sentence is where you have say for example he stared at me. That would be a short scentence for buildin up a story.

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