Another Supermarket Giving a Great Message

We watched this in class the other day. What message does it give to us? When in your life have you had moments like this? Aren’t they wonderful!

Whilst watching this brilliant advert, I also discovered an older Waitrose advert. How are the adverts similar?

Not advertising Waitrose, just some brilliant messages that we can all learn from. 

17 thoughts on “Another Supermarket Giving a Great Message

  1. The message of the first advert is to try and try again or persevere ( never give up.) You could ask for help ; everyone can help you so you can trust anyone.
    In the video when its gets up to the part where everything goes wrong you just need to thing about the things that it could look like and aim for that. When in

  2. The moral of the advert when you own something you care about it more.
    JJ says that something like this happened to her when one summer her mother decided to plant some flowers in the balcony and asked JJ if she would help ”no” she said without hesitation.
    The next summer JJ notice that her mums flowers had not grown!..So JJ pulled out her shovel and her fork thing and tended to those plants like there was no tomorrow.
    Unfortunately the first few didn’t grow so she did it again…And it worked!!
    So JJ took loads of picks for Instagram because she was so, so proud.
    sort of like the girl in the advert.

  3. The meaning of the advert is that you can try a little harder try and try until you think that it’s perfect. It’s for sharing and caring. When I was in year 5 and I had a project and so did the class it was about the Tudors and it said draw a picture of someone in the Tudor time. I did Henry 8th and I was trying to draw him but I got rong 5 times but on the sixth I got it how I wanted it to be like. It’s an amazing time to show can do anything if you believe in your self. It tells you to not be angry, it tells to come to waitrose and get stuff help you believe in your self and it’s always good to share.

  4. The first advert is telling you that the first time you try wouldn’t be so great but then you try again again you can get the perfect result.The second advert is telling you that if you a start something and you are prepared to finish it,try to exceed with the best result you can from hard working.

  5. LH : EM………….Bike riding because I kept on falling off but I kept on trying then in the end I lernt to ride a bike without stabalizers .
    EK : EM ………… In year 5 we had a project about tudors and I did infomation about henry the 8th . Then I drew a picture of him and then I failed so I kept on trying until I got it as good as new .
    MH : EM………… I failed making cookies they went all wrong so then I had to try again then I failed so then I tryed again and I got it right .

    the messages of the advert are ….. When you fail you should always try again insted of giving up and not trying again so if you get it wrong all ways try and try again untill you get it right .

  6. We have looked at the lyrics for the advert and we all really like this section of the song.
    So try to be the first one up the mountain
    And try to be the first to touch the sky
    And try to be the one who makes a difference
    Try to put your fear and doubt aside
    And try to make the most of every moment
    ‘Cause if you never try you never win
    So try each day to try a little harder
    And if you fall, get up and try again

  7. The message from the gingerbread stall:
    The message from the gingerbread advert is to always have confidence in your self if it goes wrong on the first attempt you try and try until you get it perfect. Every time try to improve a tiny bit to make it better.
    The carrot advert and the gingerbread stall advert are similar because the boy and the carrot he tried and he tried until a tiny carrot grew the same as the gingerbread stall she tried and she tried until she did the gingerbread biscuits.

  8. Another super market giving a great message.

    The messages of the advert are to never give up no matter how many times that you try. Don’t be shy of doing something . If you don’t succeed the first time try a little bit harder. All of us have both had times like this in school. Both of the adverts are similar because they are both telling you to never give up. We think that the biscuit advert is the best because at one point in the advert she came home and found that her dog had ate all of her biscuits but she still never give up.

    To conclude we think Waitrose are trying to show through both of the paragraphs by even if something goes wrong try again

  9. I think this song has a real meaning. It says you can make it if you try. You can be the best of your ability if you try, try and try again.

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