The Rainforest

Our new topic in year 6 is the Rainforest. It’s going to be brilliant!

We have an exciting term ahead; we will be learning lots of new things and have Dave, the Rainforest expert, coming in for a fantastic active day.

As we began our new topic, a random rucksack appeared in our corridor… Mrs Rosevear and Mr Prosser had no idea where it came from. However, it turns out Mrs de Board found it on her Christmas travels to the Amazon Rainforest as preparation for our new topic! Who do you think it belongs to? What does it contain? What are all of the items used for? What does it tell you about the Amazon Rainforest?

It would be great if you could solve the mystery!


photo of rucksack






11 thoughts on “The Rainforest

  1. As I was strolling through the Amazon rainforest , I tripped over this undiscovered ruck sack who did it belong to ? what was it doing here . my imagination ran wild this is what I fought , this is what I thought , I thought there was an airplane crash then he survived , he was problem lost so he was trying to find his was to shelter .

  2. As we where trembling through the amazon rainforest, we came across a abnormally large pile of leaves. Sarah was more than intrigued to find out what was underneath. Thus we pulled away the leaves only to discover an abandoned purple rucksack…

    Inside we were surprised to find some dried out astronaut food! As we did not know who the bag had been abandoned by, we assumed it belonged to an astronaut. When we found a hiker support kit contaning a glow stick, wipes, suncream, a reusable hand warmer, plasters, insect repellent wipes, paper and a pen ,wistle, compuss and torch, we knew the person who had this was unaware to there surrondings.

    • continued:

      Who did this bag belong to?

      We also found man’s size 7 flip flops which suggested that the person carrying the bag was more than likely a man. As we reached deeper into the bag we found waterproof trousers that where likely to be a man’s size. They must have been venturing deep into the rainforest or even going into the amazon river.

      Soon we began to find more useful items like a magnifying glass, compass, blanket and solar powered chargers. Then we found something, something that could tell us who it was. We found a Passport! It had an emergency name L. Clayson and E. Clarke and their addresses.

      As we dug deeper we found a bottle of shoe shine and an empty pack of sickness tablets. We were still unaware who it belonged to …

  3. We were walking through the bushy Amazon when we stumbled across an extremely large purple rucksack. Looking around, there was no-one to be seen. Beside it sat at rail of jaguar paw prints and teeth marks on the side. Making sure that we actually were the only ones we started to grasp curiosity to open and look at its mystery contents…..
    Peering inside the bag, we came across a bunch of the minimum items. The first was a pair of extra-large size seven blue men’s flip-flops packaged in plastic. The next was a pair of waterproof trousers that were dark blue and branded with white marks. Why on earth did they have these?
    Deeper inside the bag was a collection of more helpful things. Like a compass with a ruler attached to the bottom.

    • There was also a hikers support kit which contained: a hand warmer, a key-ring torch, plasters, insect repellent in wipe form, alcohol free ,cleansing wipes, sun cream and a glow-stick. Some other useful things consisted of: a fire lighter (made with string, wood and metal) and a magnifying glass.
      Strange items, left to be categorized as anonymous, consisted of: a scouts woggle, a bottle of shoe shiner, a passport (bearing their initials and emergency numbers).
      The last item was 15 travel sickness tablets, all gone but this was their last stop…

  4. Deep in the amazon there stood a mucky old rucksack. I slowly picked up the rucksack, underneath the rucksack I suddenly saw a lake of blood … I thought to myself who, where, when, why and what in the world is happening!!!!!!!!!!! Will my questions be answered ever in the whole wide world? I wonder whose mucky old rucksack it is? I opened the rucksack and found astronaut food!……..

  5. We were having a walk in the Amazon rainforest and as we walked through the gorilla area we spotted a huge rucksack half buried in a pile of banana palm leaves. Hannah insisted on opening it and exploring the mystery person. We tried to open it but had a bit of a struggle. Hannah said that we might use a stick to open it. It actually worked! I picked up the rucksack and got out a sack of spare trousers, then Hannah picked up a blue small blanket, a bag of astronaut food , a magnifying glass, some sick tablets, passport and shoe polish.

    Hannah an I thought it might be a man who is travel sick, clean, and a bug expert……

  6. As we were stumbling through the dark Amazonian Rainforest, we discovered an unattended rucksack with some mysterious items inside it! We could not find an owner on any of the items there were no names. Even on the back-pack there were not any names. One of the items was a compass which was quite small and was a bit flustered. The second item that we found was a block of Neapolitan Ice Cream. It is basically dried ice cream. The dried ice cream is very nutrisious and very energising. The third item that we found was a solar powered Phone, Ipad, Ipod or something like that charger. The fourth item was a…

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