Whose Rucksack Was It?

Last week a rucksack appeared in our corridor; we have no idea still whose it is! Who do you think owned the rucksack? What does he/she look like?

Was it Nigel Thornberry’s rucksack? I assume not…

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  1. JJ,HM,PL

    He has short spiky hair and his hair is ginger. His eyes are purple and massive which are as big as the sun in addition he has long, bushy eyebrows.
    He had a baby giraffe as a pet but he had to give it away because he couldn’t bring it to the rainforest. His backpack was purple and full of different things such as a hiker kit this gives us an idea that this person had no idea of their surroundings. When we Looked through the backpack the other day, we found a passport and on the pass port it had two names : Diggerie and Giraffe.

  2. After watching the video, we think that it might have been Nigel, because he is dumb and clumsy. The rucksack contained items of different value, so it could belong to someone stupid.( they wouldn’t know what lied ahead )
    Character Description:
    As he trumbled through the rainforest, his company were so worried about what he might do, that they followed his steps exactly. Upon his back laid a bright purple rucksack(his favourite colour). While he walked, he almost bumped into hundreds of trees and stepped on some endangered animals.
    After a while, he dived into his bag and took out some dried Neapolitan ice cream for astronauts, and ate it in one go! Suddenly Nigel turned to look at his fellow explores and shouted, “ let’s find some cheetahs and ride them to the river!”
    His friends looked at each other and thought the same thought: ‘Why would a 52 year old explorer want to ride cheetahs to the Amazon river. When he’s on his way to an unknown part of the rainforest, why would he want to do that. We could all be rich!’
    Then there was a huge ROAR. Nigel dropped his bag and ran as far as he could, and of course we followed.

  3. We think that it might be a woman because the rucksack had items that a man wouldn’t really carry around. Also if it was a man they would want to hunt for supplies so they would carry around a spear or a sword like object. You could tell that it might be a woman because they are carrying around shoe polish, compass and a blanket. We think that it might be adventurer Vanessa Huntingdon.
    She is American and lives in New York with her auntie and uncle. She is 16. A keen adventurer and is very academic. She enjoyed school but had to leave early because of her passion. She’s friendly, bubbly, cool and easy to get on with.
    Vanessa has blonde eyebrows and red long hair. She has emerald green eyes and red rosy lips. She is free of blemishes. Her skin is flawless and peach. She has long pointy elf ears with staple like earrings at the top.
    Her attire consists of a electric blue t-shirt and electric pink trousers. She loves bright colours.

  4. Judging by the contents, we think that the person owning the rucksack is a man. 1) Because there is a pair of flip flops that are a size XL and they are a dark blue colour, hinting that it is a man.
    2) Because there are a pair of trousers that are blue in a bag ,size XLS ( also the trousers are in a bag that says comfort pillow, so it’s definitely a man because women would put it in a bag that says trousers not comfort pillow.

  5. A suspicious rucksack has been found in the jungle. However, I don’t think it was Nigel Thornberry, because there was someone else who talked in the video and was his dearest one, but in the rucksack was a passport and he would have had a female name as an emergency contact at the back of the passport. Also, his hair looked groomed, however there was not a comb in the rucksack and it looks like he has cut his hair, but there was no scissors or razors in the rucksack. As well as this, I think Nigel would not be smart enough to pack and bring a rucksack to the jungle and only bring a pen. I don’t think he’s actually in the jungle, because a random table won’t just be placed there and painted blue. Thus I think it is a background or green screen. Although there was food, there was only one bag of food and it wouldn’t be enough to last a while between two people. I also don’t think he’s capable of remembering to bring his passport. Even though Nigel was in the rainforest, His passport is all ripped up and this is why I think there was a plane crash, but Nigel survived and if he survived in a plane crash he would look all scrappy and scruffy still and this is why I don’t think the rucksack belonged to him. By K.Wright

  6. I think that the unknown explorer is not Nigel Thornberry because Nigel had someone with him in the rainforest. However, the bag only contained one passport. There was only one set of food in the rucksack and the amount of food will last two people.
    What does the owner of the rucksack look like?
    In the rucksack there was large, dark blue trousers and extra large flip-flops. According to this, I think that the explorer is a man. He is British because his passport was registered in the United Kingdom. The missing person has large well-polished shoes on his feet and wet trousers on. The mysterious man has a hooked nose and has a short eye sight. Due to leaving the rucksack in the rainforest, I think that his eye sight is very bad.

  7. hhThe rucksack

    A mysterious rucksack had been found in the middle of the rainforest and this contained a lot of travelling
    substances. We had just watched a video on Nigel Thornberry “losing” the sight in his right eye however it did not appear so. As he was covering his eye with his hand. Due to that fact, Nigel does not seem as a smart person to be able to bring more or less survive in the rainforest! My opinion is that Nigel is not smart enough to be capable of bringing this rucksack into the Amazon Rainforest! By Lucy Brooks.

  8. We think that the person that owned the rucksack was very weird and had lost his mind. He is also very skilled with a sense of knowledge about nature, Especially sloths. He wears a Hawaii sunhat (which has a fan on it), big clumsy shoes that are two sizes too big for him, shorts and t-shirt that match (turquoise with red stripes) and a stupid monocle that he thinks makes him look like he knows what he’s doing! Not to mention that he waddles like a penguin that needs the loo. Although he is very weird, he has a good sense of humour.

  9. Nigel Thormberry is quite a funny yet silly man. He lives in the jungle along with his wife ( Mary-Anne ) and his family. A rainforest explorer should be, smart and out going, fast and aware of his/her surroundings but at the same time they need to be quiet because when he/she goes to get there food. Gemma and I think the rucksack belongs to an experienced man. We also think he would be about 20 to 25 years old and that he has black hair and green eyes (to match the rainforest more). He doesn’t have a beard or a moustache. He has a pet parrot and a pet monkey. His clothes are really muddy and he stinks. He has a pair of shorts and a short sleeved top, he is also very strong but not too strong. He is very tall and wears flat trainers. His name is Steve.

  10. I think the rucksack belongs to a tall man and a very forgetful man because he forgot his rucksack in a huge, massive rainforest. One reason I think its a man because the slippers are very big (size xl) and sometimes ladies have smaller feet than men and the colour of the slippers was blue. Next the trousers were large and they looked like they would belong to a man.
    I think he might have brown hair and blue eyes, I also think he might be a very tall man as well. he wears a cream jacket with cream shorts and very dark shoes and he has a very long beard and also a pet sloth and spider monkey balanced on top of each other on his head. he is friendly and a bit stupid (he is stupid because he forgot his rucksack in the rainforest with all his important stuff like passport, waterproof clothes, medicine and lots more)

  11. The person is 40 . He has ginger , spikey hair , brown eyes and a ginger mushtoch , he is a bit stupid. A rainforest explorer would be like curious george tring to find new speicies and also looking for cures.
    Questions: Why are sloths so slow?,Why do sloths sleep so much?

    Question: Why are snakes poisenous?

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