Key Skills 16/01/15

First things first, have a wonderful weekend and thank you for all of the hard work this week 🙂 In celebration assembly I spoke about Gemma’s superb effort of recent but it’s a similar story for most of Mandela class.


In your home, search for ten different items that have a measured capacity. Once you have found out the capacity of each item, you need to order them from the smallest to the largest. Also, I want you to convert them from millilitres to litres as well.


For example:

Item 1: Carton/bottle of milk (2nd largest capacity)

Capacity: 568ml (a pint)

In litres: 0.568L



I look forward to hearing all about this!

For key skills this week, I want you to all explain: what are you reading? Write down five key points/events/facts that have come from your book.

This will create some very interesting classroom discussion. Such as: discussing books that others have read, reviewing books, finding out what interests us and a lot more!


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  1. For the key skills this week I am reading a book called ‘Diamond’ by Jacqueline Wilson.It’s about a girl who gets sold to the circus by her dad because she reminds him too much about his wife, who dies, its a sad story( but very interesting to read).
    Key Events:

    1) The first key event in my book is: The little girl, Diamond, was born, but it wasn’t just an ordinary birth because the mother didn’t want another daughter she wanted a son. this is what it says in the book about Diamonds birth: Poor Ma. She didn’t want another daughter.She already had Mary-Martha. She took one look at me and turned her face to the wall. She nursed me every few hours but had no other interest in me whatsoever.She couldn’t even be bothered to give me a name. So Pa chose Ellen-Jane.

    2) The second key event in my book is: when Diamonds mother died.She died when she tried to have another baby.For she was too week to survive the birth and there was a funeral. ( Like i said it’s a very sad book)Also Diamond reminded the dad too much of the wife that just died,so he no longer likes her. here is an extract from a part of the funeral: I realized there would be no more Ma..ever. I seemed to have lost my pa too.He would have nothing to do with me, covering his eyes with his hand as if the very sight of me offended him. He used to take pride in my long fair hair, but now he said to Mary-Martha, “Tell your sister to tie up that hair and cover her head with a scarf.” He would not speak to me directly even if i stood in front of him. And so on.

    3) The third key event in my book is: When Diamond has to go out to the town and preform to earn money, she did this by bending over backwards and doing cartwheels and things like that, even though she is only about five or six. She did this because her family was running out of money. Also her dad did not know about this, though whilst she was in the town a circus business man was looking round for people to join his circus. Then he saw Diamond and took hold of her hand ,but, at that moment she saw here dad and screamed out to him he heard her voice and came running over. He told the man to let her go but then the business man offered
    the dad a deal that if he sold the daughter to him he would give the dad some money and he had to sign a contract so he could sell her to the circus man.So he did for five guineas instead of five pounds.

    4) The fourth key event in my book is: When a girl called Hetty Feather joins the circus. And she became the ring master but hated it really. Then at some point Hetty and Diamond became friends.

    5) Finally the fifth key event is when Diamond and Hetty runaway together and decide to become music hall artists.

    By Lauren.C

  2. Step One Ten Things
    Ear cleaner-280ml
    Impulse spray-75ml
    Tooth paste-100ml
    Dove deodorant-40ml
    Hand wash-250ml
    Fairy liquid-260ml
    Step Two In Order Smallest To Largest
    40ml, 50ml, 75ml, 100ml, 250ml, 260ml, 280ml, 300ml, 310ml, 385ml,
    Step Three Converting
    By ASC

  3. The book that I am reading is called ‘DIARY of a Wimpy Kid THE LONG HAUL.’

    Key event1.)
    Greg’s mum says that they are going on a road trip. She gets all of her ideas from a magazine called ‘Family Frolic.’ There are several different ideas and she picks the road trip.

    Key event2.)
    Greg’s dad decides to take his boat but it has a massive crack on the side so he just seals it up with some tape. Not just that, there is a family of raccoons living inside so Greg’s dad gets an exterminator to clear them out.

    Key event3.)
    The road trip starts. Greg is squashed in the back of the car with all of the bags and suitcases. Rodrick is normally in the back of the car but not this time.

    Key event4.)
    It is getting dark so the try and find a hotel. They find a hotel but can’t get to sleep because of the family next door to them.

    Key event5.)
    There car breaks down so they go home.

  4. The book that i’m reading is Polar lands.
    1) The North and South poles are at the top and bottom of the Earth. Every 24 hours, Earth turns once around its axis. The axis is an invisible line that runs through the middle (core) of the Earth, from pole to pole.
    2)The Arctic is a mostly frozen area of the Arctic ocean that is surrounded by land. The Arctic ocean is the smallest, shallowest ocean, with an area of about 14 million square kilometers, and an average depth of 1000 metres. During winter, the ice over the ocean becomes up to 3 metres thick. In summer it shrinks, but it never disappears.
    3) The biggest land hunter in the Arctic, and in the world, is the polar bear. However it often hunts in water and on ice too. A big male polar bear can measure 3 metres in length and weigh over half a tonne. The polar bear’s favourite food is seals. Camouflaged against the snow, polar bears hunt by creeping up on their prey, then pouncing. They also wait by seal’s breathing holes for one to appear above the water.Then the bear bites the seal or hooks it out of the water with its huge claws.
    4) Many kind of seals live in the Arctic region. These include ringed seals, bearded seals, harp seals, spotted seals, ribbon seals and hooded seals. Most feed on fish, squid and small shrimp-like creatures called Krill (which are also eaten by whales) Seals have very thick fur to keep out the cold water. Like their main enemy, the polar bear, they also have a layer of fatty blubber under the skin to keep them warm. They swim well but have to come up breath every few minutes. Sometimes they use their breathing holes they make in the ice.
    5) A male southern elephant seal can be more than 5 metres in length. when it is well fed, it weighs almost two tonnes. it gets its name from its huge size and from its long, floppy nose.
    by Alexandra

  5. I read Timmy Failure, We meet again.

    1)His mum got a flat programmable vacuum cleaner which he started to use for transport.
    2)He finds out his school, witch he was expelled from, has offered to take him back
    3) His mum signs him up for baseball lessons, but he thinks that the ball will hit him and end his life. When the ball comes his way he ran home( the one with his bed)
    4)Timmy’s friend tells him that their friend is moving to Peru.
    5)He gets lots of home work to do, but he needs a partner. He wants his best friend but he already has a partner.

  6. touch of silver hair shampoo – 50ml-0.05l
    Pearl drops -50ml -0.05l
    Aquafresh 100ml-0.1l
    Intu – 150ml – 0.15l
    Dove-210ml – 0.21l
    baylis and harding 300ml-0.3l
    perthshire water – 500ml-0.5l

  7. Hi! So Mr Prosser. I am reading The Naughtiest Girl In School! This book is a 100+ pages book and its really hilarious!

    1). First the book starts of with introducing of the main character. The character’s name is Elizabeth Allen and she is 10 years old. And she’s a spoilt girl who has comfort at home but not in her heart, that’s what she says: ” please don’t send me away to boarding school!”

    2). Then it continues that she went to Wyteleafe School. She made up her mind that she will be the naughtiest pupil in school. It started of by plan but everyone at Wyteleafe was so nice, kind and friendly that she thought she wasn’t as naughty as she wanted to and her badness wasn’t up to standart!

    3). Then it turned out that she was mostly being bad to the TEACHERS, so they can send her away home, although it turned out that the PUPILS were the judges of how their classmates behaved. Thus Elizabeth got loads of punishments and horrible, horrible complaints! And her ‘ first week’ life at school didn’t turn out well…

    4). After a few days a new girl was chosen to be a monitor of day list her name was Nora Jenckins and she was really strict! She would make every girl from her room go to sleep at 6:00pm and wake up at 5:00am. Elizabeth didn’t like the new rules of her life room because not only that, she had to hunt for rats because she was punished so much. Finnally Elizabeth made friends with Joan Wrigglyann.

    5). It was Joan’s birthday. And Elizabeth was the only one to remember, so she told every teacher and pupil to make a party. When her uncle, Daviad Gholmesal, send her a whole £50.00 note she bought a massive present and a triple white chocolate cake with two candles saying-11 and a HAPPY B-DAY JOAN!

    Finnaly everyone thought good of Elizabeth and made her a monitor instead of Nora!

    I really enjoy reading the first book and I’m looking foward to reading Elizabeth part 2!!!!!!

  8. I read Tom Gates best book day ever (so far)

    First key fact:
    There is a boy called Tom Gates and he wants the best custom for the book fair.

    Second key fact:
    He has a best friend called Derek and he has a problem that he can’t chose what to be for the book fair.

    Third key fact:
    His mother stuck the scales on (so he could be an Alien scaled monster) to some fluffy cat pj.

    Forth key fact:
    The scales fall off and you could see all the cats.

    Last key fact:
    He still wins a prize but his custom messed up.

  9. 1
    The parent agency.


    Reads a list of all the reasons he hates his parents.


    Gets teleported to weird land in London.


    World Is roamed by children.

    That’s all I know so far

  10. 1) The longest fur on a cat is 25.68 cm.
    2) The longest jump by a cat is 182.88 cm.
    3) The smallest cat is a nine-year-old female munchkin cat, who measured 13.34 cm.
    4) The fastest 30 m on a scooter by a dog was achieved in 20.77 seconds!
    5) The fastest time for a dog to cover 5 m on its front legs is 7.76 seconds!

  11. This book is about The worlds weather:
    About polar weather:
    Places that lie in the Arctic and Antarctic circles near the North and South Pole have weather that is very cold.In the Artarctic the tempreture never rises above frezzing (0 degreesC).

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