The man with the rucksack…

So, we have decided who owned the rucksack but we have no idea here he went missing. You now must report: who has gone missing? Remember, it’s a newspaper report, journalistic writing, not story writing.

Remember all of the features that we have been using over the past two weeks when looking at newspapers. Such as: catchy headline, orientation, direct/reported speech to aid the report and the reorientation.

16 thoughts on “The man with the rucksack…

  1. How?
    A few days ago an explorer name Joseph Diggers discovered a puzzling rucksack containing some odd items, but some key items. There was not a living human being in sight. But we have investigated the owners name and appearance. We are mid-investigation on how the person went missing.
    Due to the evidence we gathered, we believe the explorer went missing because of a tribal trap. Nothing but a rope net and a tinder plug holding the trap up. The other evidential information we found was a scrap of clothing, due to the girls diary found in the rucksack, we discovered that it did belong to the brave woman.
    The trap was a net in a tree but was held up with a rope tied to a wooden tinder plug.

  2. On Friday 13 November 2013
    A man with his wife went to a
    jungle for their anniversary
    and they had went missing
    for 13 days and where never
    found so we assumed that
    they where dead. But 13 days
    after they where found
    injured in a gorilla cage.

  3. Explorer gone missing in amazon

    An explorer has mysteruiosly gone missing . He was alone at the time when he reported that he saw a random purple rucksack . he opened it and found a astronaut ice cream, solar, telescope and many more . The man didn’t know what to do , so he carried on and we couldn’t find him . They had no idea of where he was going . A lot of the public think that he died, but they have no evidence .

  4. Explorer exits earth

    An explorer in the amazon rainforest went missing last month, and a invegation has been held with only a rucksack for clues…
    On 6th December Nigel Thornberry and his fellow explorers started an adverture to find an unknown part the Amazon rainforest. Their friend at home were not certain when they would come back. When they tried to communicate with them they were unable.
    Meanwhile Andrew Lob found Nigel’s rucksack in the rainforest. It was full of odd items and reported straight to the police. The clues in the bag resulted to a investigation to find Nigel, not because he was missing, but because he was holding illegal dried astronaut food.
    Although they didn’t know who the bag belonged to, they soon found out because there was a passport in the bag. Rumours say that Nigel and his friends were taken by tribal people, but it is still not certain.
    The Police found one of Mr Thornberry’s friends in the forest.

  5. On Monday 11th January detectives discovered the old belongings of a explorer ,Diggerina Lorton, including, in the middle pocket, 2x flares, which give us the idea that she was staying out in the open, a slightly deteriorated can opener, making believe that tin foods so she must have been staying for long, a purple pen lid, suggesting that she was keeping a journal and lone work boot.
    forensic scientists believe that the woman carrying the bag was harassed by a ginger haired monkey named Charles or a small boy named Diggery (both options were highly likely).
    In the front pocket there was a small Swiss army knife that the Natives suggest to be used to gather crops and keep the small bugs away, and last half a old map that traces back to roman times.

  6. on Friday the 13th of November there was a man called John Jones, he found a rucksack in the rainforest, there was very odd stuff in there and he found a book. He was very interested and he looked at it and it was called the book of death, it said if you open me I will give you bad luck forever and I will give you bad dreams for the rest of your life. This man was very scared and he wasn’t very happy, he chucked the book in the air and walked away silently and the sound of the owls were even more scary and there was a king called the king of the rainforest, he is not scared of anything and he Is a very friendly person.


    On 11th January 2015 a couple went missing the Amazon.

    At exactly 11:45 am a young couple went trekking in the Amazon rainforest for their honey moon. When they decided that they would go deeper they came across a clearing. It was said that the leaves closed up behind them and there was no way out. Before long, they were screaming for help as heard by one of the tribal people. They were shocked because of their surroundings.

  8. Wednesday 21st January 2015
    L.O: Adverbs.
    As I ran, the mouse quickly scurried after me.
    I helped as the old lady nervously stared at the road.
    The girl selfishly stated that it was hers.
    The girl said that she did not steal the bread.
    The fireman heroically saved the cat form the tree.


    On Thursday 19 February a rucksack was found laying on the forest floor of the Amazon Rainforest. It is unknown how it got there, but many detectives are searching for this lost man. The evidence found by the investigators was minimal, however they managed to identify this man.
    Nigel Veryberry was the missing person. According to several business cards it was confirmed that he was fired. The word ‘sacked’ was scribbled across the cards. Tinder was found beneath his wallet. The survivor was stuck for several days as stale food was uncovered in his bag. Evidence suggests he was part of a plane crash.

  10. The Rucksack Terror

    On the 13th November 2014 Joe Bear , who was a qualified explorer , went on his holiday in the Amazonian Rainforest. He payed to stay at a hotel right near the heart of the rainforest. After having the breakfast , he left in an organised expedition in the rainforest with a friend. They walked until they arrived at a waterfall and they decided to remain there in their tents over the night. Next morning everybody woke up and called for Joe but, no response. They searched for him and found a rucksack. In the rucksack was a lot of the objects that Joe had and everyone realised that something happened. The group called for help from the local Amazonian police but whilst speaking the tribes attacked and…

    This information was taken from the police.

    Last week, an unknown rucksack was found in the Amazon rainforest. Police and detectives have some evidence of who was the owner of the rucksack. However, they cannot contact the man and police suspects that he is in danger.
    It was believed that a man, named Luke Clairemen, was the owner of the bag as well as the items within the rucksack. Inside the bag, there was a passport with the name: L.Clairemen at the back. Despite the fact that there was no photographic evidence of the explorer, investigators have found an emergency number. It was confirmed that Luke was found to be missing.
    Family members have reported that Clairemen was due to go back to United Kingdom on Friday 15th January 2015. Yet, he has not returned. Police suggests that the man is dead. No further evidence has been found and detectives are still searching for a missing person.

  12. The Man Not in the Mirror:
    On Monday 15th January 2015, a man had been seen drifting away towards a waterfall and was swimming towards the forest floor and from then onwards there has been no evidence where he is at in the Amazon Rainforest. He had been known as the man who abandoned the rucksack and not returned for it and this may be the reason why.
    The police believe just like many that the man was named Alfred Washer and was an explorer who was chased by an animal and been injured and jumped in the water. This was because, they found drips if blood on the forest ground. Thus the police have no idea if the explorer is dead or alive. Before the man went missing, he was jailed for fraud and had been released 10 days later. As for his family, they were extremely worried and they had confirmed that he was travelling around the Amazon rainforest near to a waterfall.
    No witnesses except one has came toward. He had claimed that the man was drowning and trying to escape the current and the witness had left him to drown and not seen him since. If you have any new evidence please report to 07774539687. This report is by Kasey Crossword.

  13. BREAKING NEWS on Friday 23rd January ,a rucksack was found missing in the amazon rainforest. Jessie j found the ruck sack and said there was no sign of a human all there was a puddle of gruesome blood . we think that the human was killed by one of the animals in the amazon rainforest . Next to the puddle of gruesome blood was a beret and a handkerchief, also next to the dirty blood there was a hand ripped of a damaged body . It started walking on its fingers and scared Jessie j …….
    Suddenly she heard noises coming from a bush ,she tugged and pulled there was a fierce Panther …..

  14. It has been revealed that David Simpson has been living in the rainforest for almost 8 months. The 39 year old has been carrying the following items, 5 litres of water, a compass and a memory of when he was last back at home. This man was last seen a week today and we have no information where he is. Police recon that he has died of dehydration because of the following 5 litres of water for the past 8 months. This investigation will be continued until we find more information.

    Two days ago police investigators have found the man who the rucksack belongs to. Jim Davidson age 23 years old has been brought back home to tell us about his advuntures!
    To be continued…

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