Today was a sad day – Julia has left us and moved to another school.

This is only a short blog – I will add pictures and more information later. But as you were all friends with Julia, I thought it would be great to share your memories with her and why you will miss her. As she is only in Corby, you will still be able to contact her either via the blog or personally!

Good luck Julia with everything; you will definitely make a dent in the universe.

13 thoughts on “Julia

  1. Hi Julia, we miss you soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!! And we want you to have a great time at your new school ( but don’t forget us!!) keep in touch with us and don’t forget the time that I broke your lunch box

  2. To Julia

    We hope you are having a good time at your new school. Remember us, William and Archie.
    Did you like the cards? We hope you did like the cards. We are missing you and Lauren is feeling really dreaded. (We really want you to come back to SDS). She doesn’t have a friend like you and you are amazing, funny and mostly friendly. Have you started your new school yet? Do you like Corby and your new area?

    • I didn’t start my new school yet but Im possibly starting on Monday
      or Tuesday and I will remember you !!!!!!!

      Yes I did Like the Cards They were lovely Thankyou for all the wishes.
      I Am missing SDS Already and I want to come back, Just remember that im still part of SDS and I will always be!!!!!

  3. I miss you Julia and I hope you have a lovely time at your new school but do not forget us please don’t forget us. Laycee says that we need to get over it but it is hard because you was so funny, you talk so much and you was really kind to every one. But it is life. Please don’t forget to keep in touch and if you can please come visit us (only when you can) and don’t forget all the fun all we had and all the fun you had at this school. Lauren Cox, Kasey and I feel like a big part of us is missing. Also we went through your draw and we found some stuff you forgot so we are going to try and send it to you. It feels weird without you because there is no one talking to much. Every one is trying to just deal with the fact that your not here but it Is hard because you was a big part of this school. I just want to say thank you for being my friend. We all hope you enjoyed your cards and we hope you had fun with us.

    • I miss you Gemma even more Than you Miss Me and as i said, I wont have as much fin in my new school as I had in SDS ; i promise I wont forget you and the whole Of SDS, I cant get over the fact that im not there anymore and I was crying for the whole day today and i am still now!! I will try to visit SDS because I wont deal with the fact if i didn’t ever see you again.

      Thankyou for all the cards and wishes from all of you, would you say a big thankyou to Mr Wainwright for the wishes aswell!!!

      I am missing you all so much!!!!!! I had a lot of fun.

      • Julia, you will make lots of new friends and have lots of enjoyable times at your new school. I bet you felt the same when you joined us in year 4 and look how many friends you have at SdS now! Keep us posted about your new school adventures. I’m sure you will be able to meet up with some SdS buddies during the summer holidays. Have fun and be awesome!

  4. I am missing you so much Julia, everybody in the whole year group are!!!!!!!!!
    Alexandra, Selin, Cynthia, Dzesmina and me will never forget u.

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