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  1. Unconscious Explorer

    Last month Dr.Nigel Thornberry and his two colleges went missing and until now they were sentenced dead.
    On Friday 13th July three American explorers were on a secret invetigation to find an unknown part of the Amazon rainforest. Family and friends were worried sick when they found out the discoverers may be discesed.
    There team leader in America had this to say ‘The three of them were almost there! Why did Nigel lead them to death? When I found out I went straight to the border of Brazil’
    An eye witness ( Mr Talking Parrot the PARROT ) said that he saw Nigel and one other swimming in the Amazonian river while being chased by piranhas. Then they both fell down the waterfall and fell asleep in a pool of blood. About
    two hours later he woke up. That was when Mr Talking Parrot flew away.

    We suspected that their bodies may still be there. For common readers of The Daily Rainforest you would guest that we had a closer look.
    Mrs Thornberry, Margret, was contacted by our chief of comunication. After a week of investigation, she eventually found piranha falls. Her husband and was found to be unconsious however the other is walking into the light.
    Margret stayed with her unconcious husband for the following six days, until he other explorer turned up! His name was John Xargar from the planet Jupiter. He was a doctor there until he left for earth.
    Nigel Thorberry is now under a tree in the middle of the rainforest, recovering from brain damage.(he thinks he’s a sloth.
    Video of Nigel:

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