Brilliant Rainforest Work

Sadly, we don’t have enough display boards in our classrooms to put every presentation piece of work up! Therefore, I have created a virtual display using Microsoft Sway. It has everyone’s work on it and a couple of bits to show how we got there.

Well done to the whole of Mandela class – great effort and sense of pride.




2 thoughts on “Brilliant Rainforest Work

  1. Wow- Year 6 there are some fabulous pieces of writing here. It is obvious that you have taken some real care over both the content and presentation, well done!

  2. Missing explorer …

    On Sunday the 29th of October an explorer went missing in the amazon rainforest
    .The man went missing by finding a blood stream and then following it until he found a mysterious rucksack . He opened it and found alot of goodies. He then started to make his way .
    The explorer, who went missing, never returned to his squad . Apparently so the public are saying to send some people to find the explorer and get him back to his family. They are saying “we will not go out to get him , because there is a massive chance of him lying dead. “ The public say that he is alive .

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