Hollie Morton, Dear David Walliams…

Hollie decided herself to write a fantastic letter to David Walliams, reviewing his book and requesting his presence at Simon de Senlis Primary School. Sadly it’s too long to submit on his website, so she is going to shorten it to fifty words… But here is the whole (great) letter:


Dear David Walliams,

I am writing to you because at Simon de Senlis we are trying to bring back the passion of reading. I think that you would help to inspire young minds to read again.

I have enjoyed reading your newest book “Awful Auntie”. My favourite part is when the auntie, Alberta, rips off the disguise and it is Aunt Alberta. We had a great idea that you could come to our school dressed as the awful Alberta (because you are such a good actor) and one of our children can dress up as Stella Saxby.

We think that you should come to our school and read a chapter of your favourite books. So that you can bring that character to life.

You should come to Simon de Senlis because you will inspire young minds to read more which will help their vocabulary which will help increase their chances in literacy tests and in their books. Hopefully some of the children will come to be brilliant authors (like you).

We hope that you will come to Simon de Senlis primary school and help our young children to read more and hopefully help them to increase their love of books and reading. Also make sure to take a look at Simon de Senlis blog where we have a reading blog where the whole school can blog about the books that they are reading or the books that they want to read. The website is: www.reading.simondesenlisblogs.org

Yours sincerely, Hollie Morton

awful auntie


If anyone else wants to persuade David Walliams to fly into Simon de Senlis, go on this link and ask someone at home to help you: www.worldofdavidwalliams.com by 6th Feb. 


One thought on “Hollie Morton, Dear David Walliams…

  1. What a wonderful letter Hollie- I saw the information about a possible David Walliams visit and thought how wonderful that would be in our ‘Year of Reading’. So much so I started to compile my own letter. However, I think it is so much better coming from you. Suggesting that David comes as Auntie Alberta and one of the children dress up as well is inspired.
    Fingers crossed they enjoy your letter as much as I have 😉

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