Key Skills 30/01/15

Key Skills 30/01/15

First of all, have a great weekend! 



Max created this problem last week; it confused many in the class for a while! Well done for confusing everyone Max because it created some great thinking. Can anyone answer it?

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Percentages of Amounts

As we have looked at percentages this week, this will help consolidate your learning.

Calculate the percentages of these amounts remembering to show your working out:


  • 20% of 50
  • 80% of 20
  • 40% of 10
  • 60% of 30
  • 90% of 100
  • 10% 0f 20
  • 70% of 70
  • 30% of 50
  • 60% of 40
  • 20% of 70


Remember to convert it to a fraction – that will be the easiest way to work them out!


Literacy/Creative Curriculum: 

You each received a long list of facts about the main characters from “Granny” that we have found out/inferred so far.

We discussed in class that this would be an open-ended task; you can do whatever you want to a high quality! Some ideas were: writing about why Granny is the way she is, why Granny steals, what happens next, about the life of Mr Lampy…

If you choose to do something electronically, it would be great to put it on the reading blog:


5 thoughts on “Key Skills 30/01/15

  1. Literacy
    Granny O’ Granny

    Granny O’ granny
    Why be a grump
    Why be so different
    Your hair is grey
    And you’ve got whiskers on top of your lip
    Why never tip anyone or anything
    Your coat is old and scruffy
    Your mood is grumpy
    Granny O’ Granny
    You make shame to carnivores when you eat
    Your coat is old and scruffy
    Every time we meet you Scare us to our knees
    We can see your skull upclose
    We can see anger in your eyes
    Once you scared a bear away only with your face
    Granny O’ Granny
    What will we do with you

    By William

  2. Granny

    Our class is currently reading our new book, “granny.”

    Granny info.

    Granny is cruel and selfish, caring only about herself. She never tips her taxi driver, due to her meanness, and actually the taxi driver is quit happy to escape the sheer ugliness of her face. Granny has hair like wires, through which you can see the base of her thick, red, Beaming skull. She carries around a big brown mole that dangles from her slim chin. She has yellow wobbly teeth Which are on the edge of falling out. Above her top lip are whiskers. If you are not satisfied that she’s evil, which she is, she even stole silver from her own families house.

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