Tag-Rugby County Finals 26/02/15

Yesterday we went to Kettering Rugby Club and played against the teams who had won their leagues (we won ours in November, at the Duston School).

Even though the weather was atrocious and running was a rather tricky task, the entire team played their socks off and worked extremely hard.

The second game was very different. Within a minute we were two tries up; we were playing the Simon de Senlis way! We continued to play superbly and went on to win 8-1! Winning 8-1 at a county-level final competition is extremely rare.

Our third game was again, a very tough one. The weather was still getting worse and the pitch was on the brink of collapse! Thomas slipped, slid and dived heroically to the fall, holding onto the ball still. A strange moment. The game was a true battle; we went on to win 2-1, it couldn’t have been any closer!

The weather by this stage was at its worst. Even seeing proved tricky at this point as the rain poured relentlessly. A game of ping-pong more than rugby; we scored, they scored. It continued in this fashion until ending at 4-4.

Next came lunch. We were uncertain at this point about our place within our group – definitely in the top 3 we had deduced… It turns out we came 2nd! We had to play Havelock Juniors for the 3rd place play-off.

This game was extremely hard, we took the lead early on but sadly could not keep up with the pace of the game. After a very tight first half of the game they took control of it and Havelock Juniors went on to win 5-2. The score definitely not a true reflection upon our performance within this game.

At this stage we could have gone home, however we elected to stay and congratulate those who had won, come 2nd and 3rd. Again, definitely the Simon de Senlis way! With over 230 teams entering the tournament from Northamptonshire, we came 4th out of all of them… Extremely good and all down to your hard work and determination!

Below are a couple of pictures of the team, and our score sheets (you can see how muddy it was).

A big well done and thank you to all those who participated – you were awesome. You demonstrated great sportsmanship, great skill and definitely a great desire. I do hope you all pursue rugby after your time at Simon de Senlis.

IMG_0296 IMG_0295 IMG_0293

Next Friday (6th March), we have a new tournament at Delapre Primary School. I can’t wait!

Key Skills 27/02/15


Key skills was to look at your test-papers over the weekend for discussion on Monday. However, I didn’t give you them… Practise times tables please!


For those who took home their reading papers, you need to have a look through it; try to work out why you went wrong and how you could have done better. This will hopefully give you an idea of what area of reading you need to look at developing.

For those who didn’t take home their reading papers, you are to create a game related to SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar). How you create the game is entirely up to you, as is the area/subject within SPaG. Make it fun and ensure that whoever plays the game develops their skills (your chosen topic).

Have a fantastic weekend! ūüôā

Key Skills 06/02/15


We’ve looked a lot at decimals, percentages and fractions recently, this task will help pull puts together!

A great task to push your thinking skills. This will create some brilliant classroom discussion! With 0 being the centre, and 1 being the end/start of the spiral, where would you place 0.5, 0.25 etc. on there?

Key Skills





In SPaG this week, one of our many activities was to brush up our understanding of nouns.  The teachers threw in a few nouns you had not yet encountered: collective nouns.  Your key skills this week is to research the words used to describe a collection of something and list some that are new to you or some that are surprising.  I wonder if anyone can find out what lots of crows are called.  At least 10 collective nouns please.
Also, many of you learnt about and ¬†listed abstract nouns, proper and pronouns or possessive and relative pronouns. ¬†Please list 10 examples of these. ¬†Strive to find examples of these that other people haven’t.