Rainforest Experience

Today, Dave, the rainforest man, came in and provided us with a brilliant day. Not only did he bring a lot of artefacts with him, he brought animals, laughter and lots of information. Below are some of the pictures from the day (there were lots).

What did you learn from the day?

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9 thoughts on “Rainforest Experience

  1. Yesterday, was a one in a lifetime experience to see the amazing amazon creatures! Dave, who was talking about the rainforest, was very funny and it would be hard to forget him.
    Here is what we learnt:
    Sarah-“It was a great day. I definitely will not forget it. I have learnt so much more than I had expected. Snake scare the life out of me, so it was a massive achievement when I held a milk snake. I had no idea that some people that live in the rainforest are being filmed ,and sometimes go to the cities and towns!”
    Charlie- “I loved the animals that Dave brought with him. It was a really good day, actually one of the best days at school( apart for France) I got to hold the milk snake like Sarah but I like snakes not like Sarah. I will never forget it!!“
    🙂 

    • I love the fact that you conquered a fear, Sarah. I don’t like snakes either. Charlie, I am so pleased that you enjoyed the experience and even stayed in the room when Dave got the spider out!

  2. Parris and Hollie

    we learnt:

    a rhyme to tell a poisonous snake from a non poisonous snake.

    red next to black is a friend of jack,
    red next to yellow could kill a fellow

    we also learnt that a female monkey can multitask.

    we also learnt that there is a large spider wasp that goes inside a spider and eats the spider while it is still living and then it will eat the most important organs and all of a sudden the spider will fall and die.

    • Great rhyme and I’m sure it will be handy when you are in the rainforest. Female monkeys multi tasking; we are so alike!

  3. 1) We learnt that there are two snakes that look like each other but are completely different. Dave told us a rhyme to remembering the difference, because, one of the snakes is a poisonous snake ( called the coral snake ), and the other snake is a non-poisonous snake ( called the milk snake). So this is the rhyme: Red next to black is a friend of Jack, red next to yellow can kill a fellow.

    2) We also learnt that there are lots of different types of spiders other than the tarantula and the red knee spider.

  4. The rainforest experience was truly one of our favourite experiences of year6.Having a man who had been there and felt, heard and saw the wonders of the rainforest was truly great. One of our favourite moments was seeing the animals and knowing all the interesting facts that lied behind them. Also holding the milk snake, now that was cool! Dave was a greatly interesting man who brought a laugh and a smile into the learning we had. He’d given us fun but educational tasks like the awesome sketching and making of necklaces along with the face-paint. We also enjoyed the home learning and the creative curriculum lessons that taught us so much! We are also looking forward to the rainforest café and trying to raise enough money to safe a block of forest. After seeing the projects yesterday and today we will be full of rainforest knowledge.

  5. BY Maisy , Matthew and Alexandra
    what we learnt from rainforest Dave :
    we learnt that when the sign says rainforest friendly actually its not because it contains palm oil .
    In birds custard they contain paint that tribal people use to spread it all over there faces .
    the rhyme about the corn snake :
    Red next to black is a friend of jack ,
    Red next to yellow can kill a fellow .

    • Hi Sarah.. If you are in Mrs Rosevear’s maths set the homework has been set on mathlectics (you can look on the Churchill blog for details) The literacy homework was to go through your reading comprehension test paper, but these were given out on Friday. Hope you’re are feeling better and enjoying the break.

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