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This week’s blog is to let me know about the book you are reading at the moment. Who is the author? Is there an illustrator? What is the plot of your book? What makes it enjoyable and would you recommend it? What do you think could be improved?

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  1. My book is A Series of Unfortunate Events by the outstanding author Lemony Snicket who takes my breath away with every mysterious chapter that leads in to another adventure that never seems to end. In this amazing series they have no illustrator for some people annoying but for me brilliant for example if there were pictures there wouldn’t be as much detail within the large book and wouldn’t give you even more wonder about the scenery and what could happen. The plot of the book is that the three wonderful children the Baudelaire children are the children of a fortune…………. By Paris R

  2. The books name? Evie the mist fairy.
    The author is? By Daisy Meadows.
    The illustrator is? By Georgie Ripper.
    What is the plot of the book? Kirsty and Rachel.
    would you recommend it? yes , because when it starts a new chapter it doesn’t tell me what is coming next.
    Do you think you can improve it? Yes or No? Yes a lot.

  3. RB: Guinness Book of Records. There is no author because a mostly all of the people who work there so there is no author. There is no illustrator because it is non fiction. The plot is to make people to try and beat the Guinness Book of Records. Yes I would recommend it and it is enjoyable.

  4. Hollie: I am reading David Williams awful auntie

    So far in the book the Saxby parents have died and the awful auntie Is trying to find the deeds of Saxby hall and she dresses up as a detective and tries to get Stella to sign the deeds to say that Saxby hall can be the awful auntie.

    Parris: I’m reading yes man by Danny Wallace

    So far in the book Danny has met a uplifting man on the bus and said yes too… help a sultan smuggle 40,000 for his farther, been a third wheel on a first date,. gone to Amsterdam and finally said NO
    And loads of spam emails!

  5. Sarah’s book.
    Did Dinosaurs Snore?-100 ½ questions about dinosaurs answered.
    Author: Philip Ardagh- An author of manly fiction but a few non fiction like this one.
    Illustrator: ‘The Maltings’( Cartoons by Mark Davis)
    Plot: As my book is non fiction, it doesn’t really have a plot. The whole is just questions and factual answers from the author. One good thing is that after 10 questions there is a quiz to test you on what you have read. Some answers are funny like this one:
    Why did dinosaurs fail and humans succeed?
    It says- Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Is the suggestion here that the dinosaurs died out because they were stupid and somehow ‘failed’ and then us humans came along and proved ourselves to be far superior? ( The rest of the answer is about how dinosaurs lived for many more years than humans have.)
    What is good about it?:Like I just said some answers are funny and others are really interesting, especially if you like dinosaurs like me!
    Recommendations: I would recommend this book to dinosaur lover of any age that can read- preferably over 7.
    What to improve: Nothing! This is a perfect book for people with my interests.( and dinosaur lover!)
    Charlie’s book.
    James Bond
    Author: Steve Cole
    Illustrator: None
    ( To be continued in comments at a later date)

  6. Selin’s book:
    I am reading: The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd.
    It’s a book I got from the school Library but I am really enjoying. It about a boy called Ted and he has a visit from his cousin Salim and his Aunty Glow. They go to London and Salim excepts a ticket from a stranger and mysteriously disappears while on the London Eye.Where has he gone?

    Hannah’s book:
    The book i am reading is called: ‘ LITTLE DARLINGS ‘ by Jacquline Wilson.
    It’s a book about a rich family and a poorish family. There is young girl in each of the families who are surprisingly friends. Destiny and sunset have a secret friendship that no-one knows about. They struggle through obsticals to keep there friendship. Can they keep it secret?

  7. Lauren’s book: My book is called ‘Opal Plumstead’, the author of this book is ‘Jacqueline Wilson’. Jacqueline has written many books and is a great writer. Her books are very interesting and adventurous, in all books her characters have a lot of well, character. Anyway, Opal Plumstead is a book about a young girl ( called Opal Plumstead) in Victorian times whos dad is about to get his book published for the first time,EVER. I can’t soya much more about the book because I haven’t read that far.

  8. Gemma’s book: My book is called ‘A medal for Leroy’ and this author is Micheal
    Morpurgo. He has written many more books but this one is my favorite because it is so descriptive and once I started to read it I just couldn’t stop. This book is about a boy who’s dad died in the 2nd world war. Micheal can’t remember his father and his mother doesn’t want to talk about him. I would defiantly recommend it to people. I won’t think that anybody could improve it.

  9. Charlie and the chocolate factory :
    Author : Roald Dahl
    illustrator : Quinton Blake

    The plot of the book :
    Charlie bucket is determind to get one of the five golden tickets in a Wonka chocolate wrapper . At the end he gets what he wants but mike tv is shrunk and he got put in a gum machine and he was so tall and thin , veruca salt got chucked down the garbage shut , violet got a blueberry body and face and she had to be de – juiced and augustus gloop got stuck in the chocolate pipe and got sent to the fudge room to be pulled out from the stickiness and he got Skinner and not fatter .

    It makes it enjoyable because the mums scream when their children change and they want them to come out human . We think Mr.wonka is scary , he has a pale face and a black wig .
    We can inprove nothing


    The book is by Jeff Kinney.
    Genre: comedy
    My book is about a boy called Gregory that has just started his summer break, his mum and dad are trying to get him to play outside with his next door neighbour (Rowley) instead he his
    playing inside with his blanket over him playing his game console. Finally he decides to play outside with Rowley but he gets into mischief…

  11. I haven’t read the whole book yes so this it what I have read so far.

    Awful Aunty !

    This book is about a girl that has a rich family but there is rely much of I.
    The poor girl sadly lost her mum and dad, or as she says mama and papa, so all she has left is
    her awfully awful aunty. So because she would have to live with her until she grew up she tried to run away to a better family. But !.. there’s a problem! And that problem is that the old lady once went to war as a German, even though she’s English, but when she was at war she sort of adopted a grate bravereon owl and took it home so now the poor girl cant escape…

    Get this awesome book and read on.

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