#WAKWHS2 The Whereabouts of Arabella

We are on the verge of Simon discovering Arabella, potentially saving her and being heralded a hero once more!

Where is Arabella being held captive? Assuming she is being held captive, that is. Describe the setting that she’s in.. I look forward to reading your ideas! Hopefully we will be able to magpie ideas from each other to aid your writing.

The Eclipse

Even though it wasn’t as dark as we had expected, it was still very eerie this morning as the moon slowly covered the sunlight.

It was a really nice activity out on the playground. Everyone worked together to try and work their pin-hole cameras… Great perseverance and collaboration!

A lovely morning to begin a great day that topped off a fantastic week! Well done to everyone for your dedication to learning! The writing and the art that is coming together is brilliant.

Have a great weekend!


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Key Skills 20.03.15

Key Skills 20/03/15


A mysterious person left Simon a clue in a bottle last week which was washed up on the beach…


This mysterious person wrote it through poetry.

Your task this week is to write a poem back in response.

You will need to think about:

  • What would Simon say?
  • Who is he addressing it to?
  • Is he going to accept this person’s offer of help?



Missing angles! We have done a lot of work on missing angles recently. Your task this week is to create an exciting poster that informs the reader exactly how to calculate any missing angle. We have looked at:

– Straight lines.

– Full rotations.

– Quadrilaterals.

– Triangles.

You must include the following:

– Examples.

– Facts.

– A challenge for the reader.



#WAKWHS2 The Quest Has Begun…

Arabella has just gone missing. The king has announced the quest. Simon has accepted the quest. Or, In the words of some year sixes:

George K:        King Henry rose from his chair. All of the children stopped and cried; the jesters dropped off their stilts and threw them on the floor. The cooks dropped the food; the room went silent. “What! This is not meant to happen, has she been stolen?” As he continued, his cheek rippled in anger as he began to sweat and turn red. “We need to find Arabella! Now!” While finishing his speech, he smashed his hand in his food and sat down. “Any volunteers? In fact, who thinks they can rise to the challenge? The strongest man in the land!” Everyone stood back apart from one…

Eliza K:         Simon stood up with courage and he replied, “I’ll do it! Please. I have killed all of these creatures, I will not let you down I promise. I am brave and bold; I have a shield and a sword. I am not a normal man, I am a knight!” Everybody moved away to make that they weren’t involved whilst the king stared in amazement.

Lauren C:      “I do not know where she is! So that is why I am requesting the bravest man, more specifically, a knight, the bravest of them all. The boldest, the -” When he was cut off by Sir Simon.

Then in a confident voice he remarked, “I, Sir Simon, will find her! I have before slayed dragons! Fought wizards and challenged unicorns. I am surely worthy enough to go on the quest – to save Lady Arabella…”

Matthew J:       “I am the one that shall go. I shall go because I have just won my spurs for killing the dragon of Senlis. I have frozen fire and shot a target from 40 miles away! I have smashed through windows and broke through walls. I shall go!”

Selin H:         “I shall find Arabella for I am the man you are looking for. I have killed dragons, burnt unicorns and tricked the smartest wizard in the world. Being the man to find Arabella, I want something in return… This quest is more than a walk in the park; I do understand. I have seen the things the average person would not be able to deal with, I have seen death at every corner. I have had experience. So, you can see I’m your man!” Explained Simon, feeling confident and triumphant.

Parris L:       “I, Simon, will save the lady,” he said with fake confidence, “I have slain dragons and escaped wizards; survived poison and more. And, my motive, well let’s just say I have some questions to ask that only she can answer…”

Some very powerful speeches from Simon! It appears he is definitely the right man for the quest.

We are barely into our stories and I cannot wait to read on. All of year six have definitely succeeded in engaging the reader so far! More great writing to follow…


#WAKWHS2 The villain…

Your key skills last week was to look at creating the character that would hinder Simon in your story. Lauren developed “Nightmare Man”, as shown below:


What was your character? What made him/her extremely unique? How will he prevent Simon from completing his quest?

Sharing the ideas could pave the way for some great “magpieing” of ideas!

13/03/15 Key Skills

Key skills this week has taken an exciting new adventure! I want you to do it on Office 365 in your personal OneNote page – preferably in the “homework” section under your name.

I will post it on here also, just in case you can’t access Office 365 for whatever reason…


The storm broke early in the evening and by seven o’clock it looked as if Heathrow might have to shut down. Runway One had disappeared in the rain. Runway Two was a canal. Half the planes had been delayed and the other half were circling hopelessly above the clouds, waiting their turn to land. The wind had blown an Air France DC10 all the way to Luton while, in a jumbo jet from Tokyo, seventy-nine Japanese passengers had all been sick at the same time. It was a night no one would forget. 

Above is the beginning paragraph to “Granny” by Anthony Horowitz. As we have looked recently at great openings to stories, your task is to take that paragraph and make it even better! We looked at: dramatic short sentences, rhetorical questions, scene setting and generally confusing the reader with cliff-hangers. It will be great for us to then compare how we have all changed the opening in different ways!

I look forward to reading all of them 🙂 

Granny pic


Today in maths we discovered that algebra actually is not as bad as we had thought! Some of it was in fact quite easy. Taking the different skills from the lesson today, such as inverse, your task is to complete the following fourteen questions:

Key Skills algebra


Have a fantastic weekend!

#WAKWHS2 The Voyage

Today, Simon went on a voyage – a very exciting voyage.

Alina described the setting:

The sea rocks side to side, completing  a frightful dance. No life to be seen or heard. Discarding, the clouds covered the sunlight; they were taking over with anger.

As all of us are falling and rocking side to side throwing up our food, the sea screams with triumph – boasting and showing off its skills.

The blue spots (whales and dolphins) on a clear milky white base (crashing sea). Murmuring and producing “sorry” screams as well as having a terrifying race…

How did you describe it? What great description did you have?