#WAKWHS2 Lady Arabella

We have looked at the character of Lady Arabella in year six. We discussed how stereo-typically we see princesses or ladies as lovely characters – pretty, pink and nice. The children went away and developed their own characters of Arabella, some breaking the traditions that we see so regularly in Disney films.

How did you describe your Arabella? What makes her more special than the others? Include some quotes from your literacy books 🙂


5 thoughts on “#WAKWHS2 Lady Arabella

  1. lady Arabella was not lady like at all. Infact she was so un lady like people often called her Mr Arabella. First she walks outside the palace ( which ladies are not allowed to do). Then she she hunts wild animals ( which only men are allowed to do ). And as the icing on the cake she secretly trains to walk in flat shoes. Arabella is also very nosy; she knew every one in the village and all their businesses and what they where there for.

    Her appearance is most appealing to young people. She has hair as golden as corn and eyes as blue as the sky on a hot summers day. But beneath that layer of beauty is something, something so evil that if anyone got to know her to well they will never see the light of day again.

    When lady Arabella is out she often gets called 23 when she is infact 63. the reason for this is that she has a serious case of dwarfism.

  2. Miley is in fact an 87 year old demon. She was named this because its a name that brings fear to both children and adults hearts and minds.
    As a baby her parents could see that there was something wrong with her, not only that but she was born 13 12 13 AKA Friday 13th of December 1113.
    One of her demonic features include her aging by the hour (1 hour = 10 years 1 minuet = 1 year) so she had aged 67 years (6h 7m) but not changing in appearance.
    As she was now old she new and was capable to break into the kings home attacking and killing there new born baby girl and taking her place for the past 20 years now being called Arebella.

  3. La.c: Lady Arabella isn’t lady like at all, she hates pink, dresses, and all kinds of girly stuff. She would much rather wear shorts than skirts and a t-shirt jeans to long elegant dresses( they’re far less comfortable). Arabella has beautiful long, sunset red hair that match her sapphire blue eyes which are as blue as the sky. She may look like the typical pretty pink princess that everyone knows but she is something far more diffrent to that………………….

  4. Lady Arabella Was not like any other princess that you normally see she was different. So different that you wouldn’t believe she was a member of royalty.She was a Tom-boy,nothing more than a Tom-boy.But,she did look like a princess it was just her personality that was the big decider.

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