12 thoughts on “#WAKWHS2 What Happened?

  1. we think Princess Arabella got stolen by simons brother who is a fully qualified assassin we have no idea where she could of gone now . The assassin could of killed her or yaken to a dungen .

  2. I believe that Simon paid someone to take her. He did this because he wanted to prove to everyone how brave and strong he was. We have some clues… he didn’t do anything when she went missing; he sat still just watching and eating his chicken. Simon will now go on a quest to save her and everyone will think he is amazing!

  3. So, we were at the great feast of Simon OF Senlis, when Arabella started her speech. She started talking when a high pitched scream echoed the hall. Of corse we were surprised and worried for our safety!
    Presumably, some one wanted her gone, and we think it was…
    We think this because he was not in the hall at the time of the kidnapping. He is some one we would not expect to kidnap an innocent princess. She could be locked up in his shed!

  4. our idea’s:

    1) Lady Duffy
    2)Lady Laidlaw
    3)Lady Whitehouse
    4)Lord Prosser
    6)Sir George. B
    7)Lady Rosevear
    8)Madam Chisholm
    9)Madam Fosbury
    10) Sir George. K
    11)Sir Archie


    Arabellas x boyfriend was jealous of Simon. After the suspected kidnapping from (Jeff). Next we think that Jeff is going to kidnapl Simon and through him into the back of a strange van…

  6. We believe that Mr. Prosser stole Arabelle with the help of Mrs. Chisholm because Mr. Prosser loved her and Mrs. Chisholm likes Simon so it would work out.
    And because of that they both had an alibi with each-other
    The people sitting at the table were in fact actors that were hired by the two to make it look like they did nothing.
    If you watched the two actors closely they didn’t speak at any given time.

    If you two are reading than…
    We are arresting you on suspicion of kidnapping you do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not answer later when questioned, something which you later rely on in court anything you do say maybe given as evidence


  7. At exactly 12:20, Lady Arabella was kidnapped by a mysterious person wearing: white trousers, a black hoody and black gloves.
    We think that Mrs Kempster did it because last year she was Simon ; she wanted to be it this year. However, she left before this event and stole Arabella to get Simon’s attention. Whilst doing this she made Simon start his new quest in search of Arabella then brought her back to make it look she saved her.

  8. This is what some of our pupils thought:
    + Mr Prosser ( jealous of Simon )
    Mr Prosser stole LADY Arabella with the help of Mrs Chisolm because Mrs Chisolm liked simon and Mr prosser liked LADY Arebella and Hollie quoted ‘ I think Mr Prosser has done the crime because of jealousy! ‘
    + Mrs French and Mrs Whitehouse, because they both had hoodies.
    + Mr Wainwright because he looks like the kidnapper.
    + Her boyfriend
    +Could have been a lunchtime supervisor.
    +Simon could have done it… He didn’t spring to his feet to save her!
    +Enemies have come back… from his previous quest. Held for ransom.
    Hope you enjoy our ideas and maybe use them in your writing!

    Written by Alina
    in the style of Mr Prosser’s words!
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ !!!

  9. Now lets hear some more bigger thoughts:

    I think that Lady Arabella,as said before,was kidnapped by the so-called “Caretaker”! He had put on his midnight black suit escaped from the shed he was working in,and got to the hall door.When she began her speech he made himself small and grabbed her with immense strength,taking her to his shed to keep her captured.He tied her up and put cloth over her mouth so she couldn’t scream for help.Then when everybody was in lessons or had gone home he transported her a underground cave/laboratory that he only knew about! But,where has she actually done.

    I think that Lady Arabella was stolen by her Ex-Best friend, also known as her maid, because she was jealous of Arabella due to her beauty, nobleness and richness! Nevertheless I do think that the maid couldn’t do it herself! I think that Simon told her to do that if she wanted because he truly didn’t care about Arabella. And I am sure of that because when Arabella screamed he didn’t run to help, he kept eating his chicken drumsticks with Mr Prosser.

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