#WAKWHS2 The Voyage

Today, Simon went on a voyage – a very exciting voyage.

Alina described the setting:

The sea rocks side to side, completing  a frightful dance. No life to be seen or heard. Discarding, the clouds covered the sunlight; they were taking over with anger.

As all of us are falling and rocking side to side throwing up our food, the sea screams with triumph – boasting and showing off its skills.

The blue spots (whales and dolphins) on a clear milky white base (crashing sea). Murmuring and producing “sorry” screams as well as having a terrifying race…

How did you describe it? What great description did you have?

8 thoughts on “#WAKWHS2 The Voyage

  1. “Pull up the anchor!” We didn’t know what to do. Storms were raging throughout the ocean, intimidating every ship; it roams the ocean carelessly. As I bent down to do my shoelace, it was too cold to clench our fingers. While pulling the thick rope, it cut my hands that water relentlessly kept pummeling from the sides of the ship, (Industrious) into my infected hands. It hurt! What am I doing? I thought to myself. I wondered under the deck of the ship, but I slipped on the lumps of algae splattered on the floor. OUCH! I woke up the next morning. I bent my arms; little transparent flakes of ice trickled down my body from where I had began to freeze.

  2. The sent of salt ran down my nose, went into my mouth. Alcohol too! The taste is sickly. The smell of vomit was lingering around the rickety, old ship.
    Wave after wave crashing simultaneously amongst every part of our ship. Rocking the S.S England backwards and forwards like a child’s swing.
    Consequently the water was drowning the ship; the sailors were going over-board every second. Someone yelling ,”MAN OVER-BOARD”, then it gets stolen away by the wind.
    Everyone yelling something but no one hearing it! All of a sudden, lightning hit the main sail and the ship was engulfed in flames. All hope is lost in finding the lady, Lady Arabella…

  3. Maisy .H , Alexandra . V , Matthew . J
    our setting description :

    The waves were crashing wave after wave , there was a frightful storm. Everybody was frightened by the terrible sound of thunder, lighting the frightful hail hitting and smashing the decks. As soon as I was on the rigging I could hear the captain speaking to me but the wind snatched his speech. I could hear the waves smashing into our wooden , ancient boat banging like drums in everybody’s ears , it was a irritable sound that could even make you death .

  4. ” GRAB MY HAND!”…
    Ow! A crab pinched my toe phew I thought I wouldn’t survive my ship smashed into smithereens! My eyes started to go really fuzzy I think I was drifting in and out of consciousness I then saw a strange figure running towards me with a wooden bucket he come closer and closer to me. There is a sickly smell sticking to my through.

  5. Waves after waves it feels like i’m drowning ripping off parts of the ship.The ship gradually sinking the good ship industrious . After a while half of the ship was completely wrecked. Every-one was hanging off the ship and falling over-board. The ocean was all white and the waves got stronger and invincible. The waves got choppy and the ship got battered every second. All the pork chop pieces were more vomit every second. After the puking had stopped it all started again until a colossal wave came in and nearly flipped over the humongous ship.

  6. We think:
    ” what’s that?” My numb feet touched the golden balls. The smell of the salty sea rising into my nose. The sand went into my toes and under my feet. The Sick of the drunken men stuck to the back of my throat. The waves where bashing against the Ship. The seagulls where flying over me like a dream. The waves where rocking the boat side to side.I can feel hard seashells masaging my back.I could hear the wind whispering to me. I can hear the waves clashing against each other like they where having a meating.I could taste the blood dripping from the the top of my lip.

  7. Everything was normal. Then the storm broke out! Wave after wave crashed against our ship , flooding the deck entirely. The masts struggled to stand while every wave got stronger than the one before.
    We rocked back and forth, side to side, bashing my delicate bones on the sides of The Great Industrious. Flashing lightning struck just next to me, and I could smell the smoky burning of the wood below my feet. Hot! So hot! Then…
    “Drop the anchor”, shout the captain while his mouth filled with water from the wave above his head.
    “We be so close capin’! Why stop now?”, answered the youngest crew member(Boastful Jack) who was scooping water and throwing it over board. I tried to shout:
    Aye, aye capin’!
    But my mouth also filled with the horrible saltiness burning its sides and killing my taste buds. Spitting it out I dropped the compass in my hand, loosing in to the icy depths below.
    Huge waves almost twenty feet tall, hit the sail, collapsing them. We had no control over our ship; it was all over. Suddenly the ship broke in two, throwing life stopping darts in very direction. We were pushed under, into the dark gloomy water. So cold, that no one would survive! However, we were wrong…

  8. I woke up with air running up my spine. I looked around I had the taste of bear and sick in my throat making me feel as sick as a dog I felt ill I stud up I remembered john crying in the boat with the wind snatching the words out my mouth.

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