13/03/15 Key Skills

Key skills this week has taken an exciting new adventure! I want you to do it on Office 365 in your personal OneNote page – preferably in the “homework” section under your name.

I will post it on here also, just in case you can’t access Office 365 for whatever reason…


The storm broke early in the evening and by seven o’clock it looked as if Heathrow might have to shut down. Runway One had disappeared in the rain. Runway Two was a canal. Half the planes had been delayed and the other half were circling hopelessly above the clouds, waiting their turn to land. The wind had blown an Air France DC10 all the way to Luton while, in a jumbo jet from Tokyo, seventy-nine Japanese passengers had all been sick at the same time. It was a night no one would forget. 

Above is the beginning paragraph to “Granny” by Anthony Horowitz. As we have looked recently at great openings to stories, your task is to take that paragraph and make it even better! We looked at: dramatic short sentences, rhetorical questions, scene setting and generally confusing the reader with cliff-hangers. It will be great for us to then compare how we have all changed the opening in different ways!

I look forward to reading all of them 🙂 

Granny pic


Today in maths we discovered that algebra actually is not as bad as we had thought! Some of it was in fact quite easy. Taking the different skills from the lesson today, such as inverse, your task is to complete the following fourteen questions:

Key Skills algebra


Have a fantastic weekend!

4 thoughts on “13/03/15 Key Skills

  1. MATHS ! ! !

    1] B = 10
    2] C = 13
    3] D = 21
    4] D = 14
    5] E = 9
    6] G = 48
    7] H = 98

    1] I = 3
    2] J = 3
    3] L = 8
    4] M = 7
    5] M = 33
    6] O = 10
    7] O =11

  2. An evil storm broke early in the evening it was horrible… and by seven o’clock
    it looked as Heathrow had turned in two the second ocean !!!
    Runway two had canal boats all over it. Why had this been happening?
    Half the planes are now under water and the other half are flying hopelessly in circles above my head.
    Knowing thierd have to land at Luton airport instead…
    It was a night no one would forget !!!

  3. section 1 section2
    1)A+B=15 1) 1xj=15
    A=5 1=3
    2) j+k =9
    2) b+c =20 j=5
    b=7 k=4

    3)c-d=9 3) k / l=9
    c=12 k=72
    d=3 l=648
    4)d-e =10 m=8
    5)e+f=29 n=3
    f=18 m=33

    6)6+h=72 6)n/0=11
    h=34 n=110
    6=38 0 =10

    1=37 7)0xp=48
    h=25 p=4

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